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City Break: Lisbon Portugal

Built on seven hills and one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities, Lisbon is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. Lately, it’s been nothing but sunshine and sea breezes. Lisbon glows and makes you smile due to its pale stone buildings, many painted yellow, pink or ochre which reflects light to the […]

INTERNATIONAL Travel Wellbeing

Greek Honeymooning By Tahira Khan

–Your new life together has just begun! So why not escape to a dream honeymoon in Greece? With thanks to Grecotel, we have managed to hand-pick four of the most romantic destinations to make your honeymoon the once – in – a-lifetime trip that it should be. Amirandes The perfect place to let romance blossom […]

Features History & Heritage INTERNATIONAL Travel

Why you should visit the Capital of the Emirates

Most people have heard about the wonders of Dubai, which is known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, but only an hour and a half away from Abu Dhabi. As the capital of the emirates, the president’s home city, and a host of incredible tourist attractions, the glory of Abu Dhabi […]

Beauty & Fashion Features

Aab design’s which cover you top to bottom

One of our favourite designs and established about a decade ago, Aab Collection is a prestigious fashion design outfit set up to fill a void in the modest dressing market, especially for Muslim women looking to maintain their traditional modest fashion tastes while wearing stylish clothing pieces that will make them stand out in the […]

Food & Drink Wellbeing

Going Out For a Halal or Vegan Drink?

Advertorial Feature Going out for a drink; celebrating business and personal events with a glass of wine is an integral part of Western culture. Raising a glass of fruit juice or water is just not the same. is makes it is all too easy for Muslims, reverts, elderly, mums2be and other categories of non-drinkers to […]

Features Wellbeing

5 Influential HR Leaders you need to follow

The HR world is hungry for knowledge and there is a huge thirst for change…many are on a mission to make the world of work a better place. And thankfully so. There are tons of incredible people & events which take place throughout the year, nationally and globally where you can gain some inspiration and […]