Hajj, Hijab and Depression – Former Bollywood Actress Sana Khan Reveals Why She Left Showbiz

Sana Khan, a former actress, spoke about her powerful Hajj experience and how she left the entertainment industry to wear Hijab after suffering from depression. In an emotional interview with Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia, Khan opened up about her previous life, her dreams as well as how this year was the perfect time for Hajj.

Although Khan went public in October 2020 after making her decision to leave behind the film industry, she had not made clear her reasons for doing so at the time.

Why Did Sana Khan Leave Showbiz?

In her video interview with Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia, Khan touched on her former life as an actress.

In my first life, I had everything. I had name, I had fame I had money. I could do anything and everything that I wanted.

But one thing that was missing was peace in my heart.”

I was like, theres everything, but why am I not happy? It was very tough and there were days of depression. There were days of Allahs message that I could see through His signs.

Khan’s story is nothing short of inspirational. It was during Ramadhan of 2019 that she had a dream which changed the course of her life.

I still remember during Ramadhan, I used to see a grave in my dream. And I used to see a burning, blazing grave in my dream. And I used to see myself in that grave. If I do not change, then this is what my end is. That is something that got me a little anxiety.

It was during this time that Khan resorted to listening to motivational Islamic speeches. One speech spoke about death, burial and hijab. Khan recalls that women are covered more than men when buried which is what prompted her to say, “Even when you’re dead, Allah covers your head — the women.

It was so beautifully written that you dont want your last day to be the first day of your Hijab. And that is something that touched me so deep.

Khan donned the hijab the very next day and vowed never to remove it.

The Perfect Time For Hajj

Khan mentioned how she had performed Umrah several times before, but would often return to her old ways once she reached home. For her, Hajj this year was different.

I used to come to Umrah before, you know when I was not changed. And I used to do the Umrah, I used to wear the Hijab and I used to go back and I used to remove it.

Allah chose such a right time for my Hajj. Ive already changed. And Hajj is a huge change in your life. I might not get this opportunity again in my life. But I’m so happy that I came for Hajj when I changed. I know that now how I am, at least the way I look, Im not going to go back and remove my Abaya and throw it away.

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