The Forgotten Sunnah Drink

Hydration is key when it comes to surviving Ramadhan! Water does a great job, but sometimes we just want something different or a drink that has additional health benefits.

Whilst many of us resort to juices, smoothies, and the many detox drinks, we miss out on the chance to explore the drinks promoted by the Sunnah.


Pronounced na-beez, this Sunnah drink was a common go-to drink for the Prophet PBUH. Prophetic traditions tell us that the drink was was prepared for the Prophet ﷺ at the beginning of the night, and he would drink it in the morning and the following night and the following day and the night after that up to the afternoon. [Sahih Muslim]

Nabidh is greatly beneficial if consumed during suhoor (pre-dawn meal). Not only does it help remove unwanted acidity, but it also positively impacts the digestive system by removing excess wastes from the body. One of the greatest yet forgotten Sunnahs of the Prophet ﷺ, Nabidh also improves the functioning of many of the organs in our bodies.

How To Make Nabidh

To make Nabidh, you will need six or seven dates (or a handful of raisins) and 200-250ml of water. You will also need a large cup or a jar with a lid. Remember that you cannot mix dates and raisins to make Nabidh; it has to be one or the other.

The process is simple. You place the dates into your chosen utensil with room temperature water after Isha and leave it to soak in the fridge until Fajr (or until Suhoor if drinking Nabidh in Ramadhan). You then simply remove the dates (or raisins) and enjoy the drink. Be sure to remove the drink from the fridge half an hour before drinking so that it settles at room temperature.

The dates should ideally be pitted and once removed can be used to make a smoothie alongside other products. You can put them in a blender with milk, yoghurt, and a banana. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to add some melted chocolate!

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