Teach Your Kids About Hajj With These Awesome Illustrated Books

I’m sure we can agree that many of us grew up with a lack of exceptional resources about Hajj for kids. But things have changed and with many creatives focusing on this void, we now have a range of illustrated books about Hajj for the little ones. 

In preparing for Hajj in 2023, let us familiarise our children with the great spiritual journey of Hajj. Doing this will not only instil the love of Islam into their hearts, but it will also give them the chance to grow up aspiring to head out on this blessed journey as soon as they can. 

Let’s take a look at some books you can start exploring with them today!

Two Pigeons On a Pilgrimage: A Hajj Story

This one is a favourite among kids and adults, and we’re not surprised! Whilst the book is written by Multi-Award-Winning Rabia Bashir, all the illustrations within the book have been done by 12-year-old Aisha Dean. The narrative follows two pigeons as they witness the entire pilgrimage from start to finish, which provides the readers with a marvellous picture of how to do Hajj. Perfect for the little ones, this book is not only a great read but also a wonderful way of getting involved in some arts and crafts.  

Yan’s Hajj: The Journey of a Lifetime

This book follows the story of a young and simple man who is yearning to travel for the spiritual journey of Hajj. The book tells his story as well as all the struggles and hurdles he has to overcome in achieving that goal. He spends his day working on his farm and making money to one day be able to perform Hajj. Despite his struggles, Yan continues to help in any way he can, which not only shows his eagerness to perform Hajj but also portrays his kind-heartedness along the way. 

Tell me About Hajj 

If your child is interested in a more factual book away from stories and narratives, this book is perfect. Not only does it focus on the importance of Hajj, but it also tells readers more about the Hajj of the Prophet PBUH. It also provides brief details of historical events as well as important information about Hajj. Put it this way – if your child has any questions about Hajj, this book will answer them. Alongside the information, readers will find that the book contains splendid illustrations and interesting images. 

The Young Explorer’s Adventure in Makkah

This exciting and fun book follows the story of three young explorers; Ali, Maryam and Zaynah. Using their uncle Hamza as a guide, the three explore the holy city of Makkah. This fantastic read displays brilliant visuals of a spectacular journey, whilst showcasing places of significance along the way. By unearthing certain hidden gems, the book is appealing in its narrative as well as the illustrations.  

A Little Tree Goes for Hajj

This book will undoubtedly spark a great deal of interest among the little ones. The story is about a tree that has always been interested in travelling to the holy city of Makkah for Hajj. But it has one problem! Its roots are planted into the ground! With a huge hurdle in his way, the story explores his story and looks at whether he makes it or not. Does his dream come true or not? This exact question is what excites the many readers of this book. Alongside the narrative, the book also touches on Hajj rituals and offers short definitions and explanations for those that may be unfamiliar with Hajj. 

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