How To Stay Cool in a Heatwave

With no AC in most of our homes around the UK, being stuck at home throughout a heatwave can be a nightmare! Of course, you can try the basic stuff like drinking plenty of water and wearing light clothing, but sometimes that’s just not enough!

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The good news is that there are other tips and tricks that can help you stay cool this summer throughout a heatwave. Below we’ve listed five of the most effective ways of beating the sun:

Keep Your Curtains Closed

It may be all dark and gloomy, but keeping the curtains closed can save your home from storing any unwanted heat. Avoid making your house feel like a tropical garden by opting for black-out curtains and simply using indoor lighting throughout the day.

Open Windows At Night Only

There can be a lack of wind passing by throughout the day which makes opening the window pointless. Once the sunset, open all the windows of the house as there’s usually a nice breeze throughout the later hours of the night.

Stay Hydrated

We all know the importance of drinking water during this heat. Whilst many people think that staying hydrated is only important based on your movement, it’s equally as important to do so when at home. Staying hydrated helps fight lethargy and fatigue which are usually experienced during the heatwave, even if you’re just sitting at home! Remember to take sips as often as you can, particularly if you choose to do any exercise at home.

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Water, Image Credit, Marvin Meyer, Unsplash

Keep The Electronic Switched off

Did you know leaving any electronics switched on can contribute to the heat in your home? Scan your home and find any devices that do not need to be plugged in and get them switched off.

Take a Break From Working

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Meditation, Image Credit,Sage Friedman, Unsplash

Being sat on the laptop and working during the day can make things worse in the heatwave. Consider taking a nap, meditating or simply putting your legs up and unwinding for a moment before returning to work.

Main Image – Fabian Jones, Unsplash

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