How do you balance work and life through Ramadan?

Ramadan is a special time of the year, but it can impact considerably on lifestyle, work and home life. We aske Maz Bonafide, Camilla Choudhury – Khawaja and Dj Kan D Man just how they prepared for Ramadan followed by the celebration of Eid.

Max Bonafide

Singer & performer Maz Bonafide said:

Ramadan is a very special time of the year. I like to spend more time with my family. We go to the mosque in the evening, and see more of the community. I enjoy fasting – it is a detox as well as giving a spiritual element.  Ramadan does impact on my job. I try not to perform during Ramadan and concentrate on my other businesses such as my record label. 

It is important to be focused in advance. A couple of weeks beforehand, I start preparing, organising my work and buying different types of food as well as preparing spiritually to get into the right frame of mind.

Eid is great for kids, they get so excited.  I have got nephews and nieces and get to have time with them and give them presents. It is a nice vibe to see some of the extended family. I look forward to having my Costa Coffee in the morning after not being able to do so throughout Ramadan!

Overall this period is more family time, more spiritual time, something everyone needs in today’s society.  It has become even more important to have these times of reflection, of spiritual concerns than ever before.”

BBC Asian Network – DJ Kan D Man

Radio presenter and DJ Kan D Man regards Ramadan as a great time to detox.

“It is a time to switch off and reset for the year ahead.  Time to get close to my family.  My faith is 100% important to me.  I was brought up in a Muslim household but like any teenager, I had drifted away from my faith as you want to make your own journey. Lockdown provided me with time to think. It was a time of detox, read books and watch videos as everyone you switched on the media you would see people dying. It made me start thinking and it has been an uphill process.  

I have to adapt my work for the month of Ramadan.  I don’t do any festivals, clubs or gigs. I just do radio shows. This is a great way to share my experiences and what it is like to do a radio show when I haven’t eaten or drunk anything all day.  It is sharing that experience with listeners, including non-Muslim people. 

Ramadan is a time for helping others less fortunate, time for keeping up with the family and reading the Koran. It is time to count your blessings and time to think on a deeper level. 

Eid is a big feast when we can come together.  My father is a chef and my mother is a great cook.  After Eid prayers, we have a big Pakistani breakfast and then a rest.  It is time when me and my siblings can be together as we all work in different industries and have different schedules. Often my brother comes home just as I am going out to work so at Eid, we can enjoy a family meal. No phones are allowed at the table.  It is family time. Often family come round, or we go to see them.  This is a special time when you are with loved ones.

The Women’s Lawyer – Camilla Choudhry-Khawaja

Barrister and founder of The Women’s Lawyer Ltd Camilla Choudhury-Khawaja says:

 “Ramadan is a time for reflection and gratitude, an invaluable time to think and prioritise. Enjoying Ramadan and coping with my work requires a lot of preparation. I cook in advance and we have lots of simple food such as salads.  It is important to make sure that I eat well because I need to be mentally focused in court.  When you are on your feet in court, your brain needs to work all the time. I have to work and think at speed!

Eid involves going to Costco and buying lots of fruit and desserts!  I buy gifts and diarise for Eid in my calendar so that I am not in court, of course there is a lot of juggling involved. I have a lot of non-Muslim friends and I like to include everyone at Eid. I invite guests to my house to celebrate Eid with myself and my boys, I make it a point to always celebrate with friends and family from all faiths.” 

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