Five Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is around the corner, and many of us will agree that maintaining our health is an important factor during the season. With predicted temperatures ranging between 27-33 degrees Celcius, it’s only sensible that we start exploring ways to ward off the heat to stay cool this summer. It’s not always about the AC or having ice cream, sometimes we just need to explore a little further to find alternative options. So, here are five ways that you can keep cool this summer

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Avoid Being Out During Midday

The sun reaches its peak between 11 AM – 3 PM which means that you’ll usually feel the full impact of the heat around then. Whilst the heat remains somewhat steady throughout the rest of the day, it’s important to remember that after 3 PM, the sun is usually on its way down. If you are to be out during this time, use sunscreen, carry an umbrella with you and try staying in shade as much as possible. Alternatively, opt for activities that you can do indoors, such as museum visits or shopping!

Stay Hydrated & Eat Cooling Foods

Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial things to do during heat waves. Your body is in a constant state of effort whilst it sweats which makes hydration key. What’s more, preventing your body from getting the right amount of water will only raise the body’s temperature. With your body losing more than it is consuming, we are left with feelings of dizziness and lethargy. Opt for water often, but it’s also ideal to drink fresh fruit juice throughout the day. Remember, it’s not about feeling thirsty – it’s more about staying hydrated when it’s hot outdoors. Remember to also eat foods such as watermelons, cucumber and melons as these all have high water content.

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Keep Your Home Cool

This is one that we usually forget about. There are many ways of keeping your home cool which will leave you and your household with more comfort during this hot period. Simply start by keeping windows and curtains closed and open them during the night. This way, you prevent the heat from getting in and allow the fresh air to enter during the evening. Rethink how many electric appliances you have switched on and switched off the unnecessary ones. Electric appliances generate heat and this can make it worse when combined with the outdoor heat.

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Take a Shower (A Cool One!)

It’s hot and you’re perspiring. You’re feeling extremely uncomfortable. The solution you may ask? Try taking a cool shower. Not only will this leave you feeling refreshed, but it also helps calm your nerves and helps in slowing down blood flow around the body, resulting in a decrease in your body temperature.

Dress Sensibly

Dressing in the heat is mistakenly associated with wearing as fewer clothes as possible. Whilst that is important, it’s vital to keep in mind that our bodies are vulnerable and can get sunburn almost immediately. A general rule is to buy lightweight clothing which is made from materials such as linen or cotton. This allows our bodies to breathe and allows air to pass through correctly. Choose light coloured clothing as this helps in repelling the heat. Above all, we recommend wearing clothing that is loose as it also allows for better air circulation.

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