How To Get Over The Autumn Blues

The holiday season has drawn to a close and many of us are starting to feel that sensation of unease and trepidation. While the season of autumn is usually a time for new beginnings, the transition can also leave us feeling slightly dreadful as the days become shorter and leaves begin to fall.

The good news is, you’re not alone. It’s only natural to feel this way which is why many of us are looking for answers. So what is the best way to get over those dreadful autumn blues?

flat lay photography of purple and red leaves
Autumn, Image Credit, Jeremy Thomas, Unsplash.

Plan and Prepare From Now

There’s no better way to approach something than to plan for that thing, We all know that ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ Make this year different by planning for the autumn and winter months. Planning and preparing for what’s to come allows you to empty your mind and then organise through those thoughts. You might find some things you’re stressing about can be done at a later date. You may even find some things are not even necessary. By planning from now, you can save yourself months of useless tension.

Get Out and About

Sitting and living a sedentary lifestyle has become widespread in this day and age. Whilst this may not seem threatening at face value, over time the body becomes tense and stops producing energy. Try changing things around by taking a short walk. If you’re feeling ambitious, start running 1-2 times a week. Getting out and about helps your body significantly in transitioning from the longer days to the shorter days.

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Walk, Image Credit, Alejandro Luengo, Unsplash

Sleep Better

Seasonal changes can affect your sleep which can leave you feeling even more fatigued and groggy. With colder days and longer nights, you may find yourself craving to sleep more. That’s why it’s smart to think ahead by adjusting your sleep patterns and timings from now. Once you find the right balance, you’ll soon develop a good timetable, which will leave you feeling more productive and energetic. Remember to resist the temptation of eating big meals at night and scrolling through your phone whilst in bed.

woman sleeping on bed under blankets
Sleep, Image Credit, Lux Graves, Unsplash

Plan something

Autumn can be a hard time for many of us. From school drop-offs to new projects, all this happens whilst the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. This can be especially harder when you’ve just had a wonderful summer holiday. A great way of putting your mind at ease is by having something to look forward to. Believe it or not, we all work better and more efficiently when we have something to look forward to. Whether that’s a trip abroad or a meal in your favourite restaurant, planning something can make the transition period less challenging.

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