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Wellness Special – The Ultimate Alab Yoga Facial 

The new beauty trend of Facial Yoga and Massage is gaining popularity due to its natural and relaxing effects on both the body and mind. ALab Yoga Facial, located in the upscale area of Belgravia in London, offers a rejuvenating experience for your skin. This unique treatment, developed by skincare experts, combines deep tissue massage […]


Running for Hope, Faizal Momoniat’s Ramadan Challenge 2024

Extreme runner Faizal Momoniat has set himself a challenge this Ramadan – to raise £5,000 to help Palestinian children in need by running 15 kilometres every day. This is not the first time that Faizal has undertaken a Ramadan charity running challenge.  “Two years ago, I ran 5 kilometres daily for charity and it was OK, […]


Top Wellness Tips for Ramadan 

With the Holy Month of Ramadan upon us, these top tips will benefit your healthy approach to fasting for an enhanced wellness and spiritual enlightenment. The health and wellness recommendations have been expertly tailored to address the unique needs of individuals during Ramadan to avail of the holistic benefits available through fasting.  Healthy Approach to […]


The legendary Physician who pioneered Mental Health during the Ninth Century

Abu Zayd Ahmad ibn Sahl al-Balkhi, also known as Al-Balkhi, was a ninth-century Muslim physician who revolutionised how people viewed mental health. Considered way ahead of his time, al-Balkhi very much focused on holistic healing by combining physical and mental health to reach complete wellbeing.  Referred to as an encyclopaedic genius by Malik Badri, Al-Balkhi […]


Make the Plan for Ramadan

Full-Time Analyst Dina Aziz speaks to BMM about her Debut Book Release called “The Ramadan Planner” inspired by a revert friend at university, whom she created a planner for. As a result, the book has grown immensely and was also published by Penguin publishers. The InspirationIt was 2020, in the middle of Covid and it […]


Ramadan is about Nurturing Mental Wellbeing

Hey lovely readers, as we dive into Ramadan, let’s chat about keeping our sanity intact, shall we? Here’s a quick guide from a fellow 30-year-old Muslim sister on how to stay sane and fabulous during this blessed month. Let’s take a break – Between fasting and prayers, sneak in some “me-time.” Whether it’s a quick […]


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