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With international travel still up in the air, we bring you 6 of the hottest mini getaways which will certainly take your fancy. Have you just got married or know…

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Amantu Billahi | Arabic & Chechen Nasheed by Ayisha Abdul Basith


6 ways to create a calming meditation space

Words Natasha Syed It always amazes me when i meet friends and family who mention they can’t still their minds. Below are 6 simple steps to help your stay calm…

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Breath of fresh air

Bring the outside indoors this autumn with a roundup of the best fragrances for you and your home. Les Belles Matières Ourika Candle (270g) Harrods Chloé Rose Tangerine Eau de…

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Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Had enough of full fat milk? Fancy a change? It’s always interesting to learn how people’s taste bud change overtime. Here is our explanation on why Almond Milk is the…

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It’s OK not to be OK

When high profile celebrities like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge start speaking out about mental health, you know that something is happening: It can no longer be swept under…

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Quarantine and the way forward

Well hasn’t it just been hectic hey? We have been transformed into homebased people who once had an outdoor life! The good news is that we can continue to be…


How to de-stress during Covid 19

Stress arises when one is progressing in a situation. Most stress is controllable; it helps to motivate a person in getting things done. However stress can also be negative and…

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5 books to read this July

We love recommending good books which leave you energised, more knowledgeable and inspired! Check out our July recommendations below, you will not be dissapointed. A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine by…

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Benefits of taking Vitamin D

Vitamin D fights disease In addition to its primary benefits, research suggests that vitamin D may also play a role in: Reducing your risk of multiple sclerosis, according to a…

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Quick ways to make your garden bloom this summer

With staycations in vogue, making gardens more attractive and productive is definitely a good idea.  After all, we are all spending much more time in them!  You don’t need green fingers or…

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