Apps for solo female travelers

Planning a solo vacation? From a foodie retreat to meeting like-minded travelers and locals, these apps can help with every aspect of your trip.

Today’s mobile apps can solve a wide range of problems for travelers. They can also make it easier.


Available on iPhone and android, this widely trusted app lets you make new friends on your trip by connecting you with other solo travelers in your city in real-time. You can find like-minded travel mates nearby by searching for people based on age, interests, and gender. You can save money by pairing you people to share taxis, tours, or other travel expenses.


Again, available by iPhone and Android. This app is my favorite as I’m a foodie and love to eat with new people. Just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to dine alone. The Eatwith app connects you with locals in more than 130 countries. From dinner parties to food tours to cooking classes, the app has a variety of culinary events that let you wine and dine with local hosts at your destination. Users can filter food experiences based on dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, and Halal meals.


Rub shoulders with locals while you’re traveling, this popular app brings people together in thousands of cities around the world. You can use it to discover residents at your destination with specific interests, such as running groups, dance troupes, animal lovers, and more. Available on iPhone and Android.


Found via iPhone and Android. Exclusively for women, Tourlina helps females find travel companions. Simple plug-in your destination and travel dates, and the app will show you potential traveler partners, who you can then message to plan a trip together. Simple!


Have you just broken up with your other half, going through divorce or relationship issues? Mend is an app that helps newly single individuals recover from breakups through audio training by mental health and wellness experts.


Featuring a large database of Halal restaurants generated by its users, Zabihah lists Halal restaurants in popular travel destinations. What’s more, this app makes suggestions for the nearest mosques too. It even goes to the extent of sharing whether there’s a separate room for the ladies to pray, making it an extremely informative app.

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