Finding God in the Holy Land

The moment you begin reading Lauren Booth’s debut book, you are driven to learn more as the author articulates her thoughts and emotions in such an impeccable manner. Remarkably, Lauren Booth takes the reader on a journey which begins from her experiences as a younger woman stretching all the way to the fame she achieved through the reality TV show, “I Am Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”.  

The book focuses on the lessons she learnt through her experiences. In a very thought-provoking manner, she manages to balance her humorous and serious side. Facing difficulties in her journey to Jerusalem, she exhibits her strong will power and determination in completing her mission. Her acquaintances with many inspirational characters throughout her journey, empowered her and reminded her of her intended cause. 

 Wearing multiple hats, Lauren has beautifully juggled her roles as a mother, the sister-in law of the former British PM Tony Blair, a media personality and an activist. One could sum up ‘Finding God in the Holy Land’ as an adventurous ride filled with humor, wittiness, danger and overall, a story filled with human-interest. A story which portrays to the readers that there is more to Lauren Booth than just a media personality.  

It is a story of her journey to finding Allah SWT in the most unimaginable places in this world.  

A total recommendation!  

By Rabi’ah M 

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