Have you started preparing for the month of Ramadan?

Are you slowly moving into Ramadan mode?

Here are 6 small steps to get you in the Ramadan mindset.

1. Remember your morning and evening Adhkars

2. Read a few pages of the Qur’an daily

3. Give to charity

4. Fast on Monday’s and Thursday’s as well as the 13th, 14th and 15th day of the month

5. Increase your Sunnah prayers

6. Make Dua we reach Ramadan

Usmah bin Zaid said, ‘Oh Messenger of Allah, i do not see you fasting any month as much as Sha’ban’.

He replied, ‘That is a month to which people do not pay much attention, between Rajab and Ramadan. It is a month in which the deeds are taken up by the Lord of the worlds, and i like that my deeds be taken up when i am fasting’.

Sunan an-Nasa’i


Main image credit – Ashkan Forouzani, Unsplash

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