Berlin: The Ideal City Break Destination For Muslim Travellers

It’s true what they say! No visit to Germany is complete without visiting Berlin – the capital and largest city in the country. Berlin is known to many as the City of Contrasts, as on the one hand, it boasts marvellous sites and world-class galleries, whilst on the other, it is home to much in the way of grit and ruins. 

With newer and more contemporary buildings, it may seem at first that Berlin has forgotten about its devastating past. But that’s not true. After the fall of the wall, the people of Berlin put themselves to work to build a European cultural hub! Whilst this provides visitors with a refreshing city experience, Berlin still does have a great way of reminding one about its past.

The Berlin Wall is a must-visit! What’s left of the wall acts as a superb open-air museum. With a range of things to do around the city, visitors will find that the city does an awesome job of reviving history in a setting filled with remarkably constructed contemporary buildings. 

The Reichstag – Image Credit: Moritz Lüdtke (Unsplash)

What To Do

You may be surprised to learn that Berlin has more to do than we know. Travel experts recommend four to five days to explore the city properly. However, a weekend will allow you to experience most of the city as well. 

For some awesome views of Berlin, head over to The Reichstag Dome. The Reichstag – home of the German Parliament – has been through a great deal of abuse in its former days, yet today, the ground surrounding it has transformed into a sunbathing hotspot. The dome is its iconic feature as it provides 360° city views. Visit for free and take advantage of the free audio guide to learn more about the city and its history.

As you head away from the The Reichstag, be sure to visit the majestic Brandenburg Gate. An iconic landmark in Berlin, the gate stands as a symbol of the country’s reunification. Constructed in the late 18th century, the gate was the city’s first Greek revival building. Inspired by the Acropolis entrance in Athens, the gate stands at a staggering height of 26 metres!

Brandenburg Gate – Image Credit: Florian Wehde (Unsplash)

One of the main sites to visit in Berlin is the East Side Gallery. Located along the Spree River, it is here that visitors will find the longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall. After the wall fell in 1989, artists gathered from around the world to transform the wall into an open-air gallery. 

If you love visiting museums, (or you just want to escape the rain!), we recommend visiting the Museum Island. Here you’ll find a complex of five museums, all of which boast UNESCO status! What’s more, the museums are also home to a great range of Islamic Art as well as relics from Egypt, Africa and India. While the museums all have their very own admissions prices, you can still wander around the island and marvel at the museums for free!

Berlin Free Walking Tours

To explore the city at a much slower pace, we recommend taking advantage of the many free walking tours. Focusing on specific districts and iconic sites, the tours are a wonderful way to explore the city with a knowledgeable guide. Whilst the tours are free, tips are welcome if you found the experience enjoyable. 

Halal Food

Muslim visitors will be pleased to know that Berlin has a wide range of Halal restaurants. As Germany is home to nearly 6 million Muslims, Berlin is replete with many Syrian, Indian, Moroccan, Turkish and Indonesian restaurants. What’s more, the city of Berlin is home to the largest Turkish population outside of Turkey, which means that you’ll have no issues finding a doner kebab!

Yarok Fine is a great option if you’re looking for authentic Syrian food. With affordable prices and generous portions, you can eat your way through the many delicious dishes. The most recommended dish is Bamyeh, which is a lamb dish that consists of okra, tomatoes, and spices served with rice, salad, hummus and flatbread. The best part – this entire dish costs less than 10 euros! 

Doner Kebab at Mustafa Gemuse Kebab – Image Credit: With Berlin Love

For some scrumptious Turkish kebabs, head over to the Mustafa Gemuse Kebab stall! With a special homemade sauce topped with vegetables, the Kebabs here are unlike any other you’ve tasted. Just be ready to wait in a queue at peak times as it can get quite busy. 

For some Sudanese food, Sahar Imbiss is a perfect choice. Here you can grab some of the best Falafels in Berlin which all come with a very unique peanut sauce. Alternatively, head over BurgerZone for a good ol’ cheeseburger! You can also opt for an Orient Burger which comes with aubergine and feta cheese. Renowned as one of the best burger joints in the capital, BurgerZone can get extremely busy regardless of the time of day!

Visit The Mosques of Berlin

Did you know that Berlin is home to almost 100 mosques? With diverse architecture ranging from Ottoman to Mughal influences, the mosques of Berlin have become an integral part of the city’s landscape. 

We recommend visiting the Berlin Turk Sehitlik Camii which is a fairly new mosque constructed only in 2005. It’s also the largest mosque in the city. With a capacity of 1500, the interior provides visitors with a tranquil setting thanks to its beautiful blue carpet and lovely arches. 

The Turk Şehitlik Mosque in Berlin

The Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque is another wonderful construction. Blending in rather well with its surrounding, the mosque is home to a unique ablution area. With decorated ceilings and walls, performing the ritual ablution here will transport you back in time. Visited by Arabs, Africans, Bosnians and the Turkish for prayers, the mosque really is one of the most vibrant places in the city!

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