Incredible Muslim Pilgrims Who Are Walking To Makkah For Hajj

Being obligatory for those who are able and can afford it – regardless of social status, race and background – Muslim pilgrims come from far and wide to perform their pilgrimage. The majority choose to take the simplest and quickest form of transportation by flying here. However, there are others – although a minority – who have audaciously taken a more unconventional route.

Below we present to your three of the most inspirational Muslim pilgrims who decided to walk or even cycle to Hajj:

Adam Muhammad From England

The story of this British Muslim, of Iraqi-Kurdish origin, is nothing short of inspirational. Adam set off from Wolverhampton on August 1st 2021 with the hope of reaching Makkah in time for this year’s Hajj pilgrimage. Passing through countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Syria and Jordan, Adam’s journey on foot will cover a distance of 6500 km.

Pushing a cart filled with all his essentials and weighing 250kg, Adam hopes to experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey whilst sharing the love with people he meets on the road. Leaving behind his wife and two children, the 52-year-old is doing this so that he can highlight the equality found within Islam.

Shihab Chottur From India

A thirty-year-old Shihab Chottur set out on a journey from Malappuram, Kerala to Makkah. With the hope of walking the entire way, Shihab carries only a backpack weighing 10kg and intends to walk 25 km a day. “I’m not carrying any tent now as want to walk light. But I will have to procure a tent later,” he said.

Beginning his journey on the 3rd of June 2022, Shihab intends to reach the holy city of Makkah in February 2023 after passing through Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. Shihab’s journey stirred up some controversy among scholars as some of them believed that walking should be dismissed if vehicles are available. However, despite the dispute, Shihab continued onwards with a strong conviction to carry out what he intended. Once Shihab reaches the holy city of Makkah, he will become the first person to complete the journey of Hajj on foot from India in this century.

Noor Ahmed From Afghanistan

Embarking on the spiritual journey on a bicycle, Noor Ahmed from Afghanistan has become an inspiration for Muslims around the world. Those driving by stop and converse with him as well as bless and pray for his journey. With a distance of 4500 km to cover, Noor is well equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

It is believed that the Afghani government offered him a free plane ticket after witnessing his efforts. However, Noor kindly rejected the offer as he is set on the more difficult route which will give him a higher level of appreciation once he reaches Makkah.

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