The benefits of SPF?

It’s the best-kept beauty secret that’s not really a secret!

Many of us already know we need SPF when we’re on holiday in the sunshine, but if you want to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy long-term, you also need to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Here are the reasons why… 

1 – Protect Against Sunburn – Too much time in the sun will result in sunburn, severe skin reddening, and inflammation of the skin.

2 – Stop DNA Damage

3 – Reduce Your Risk Of Skin Cancer 

4 – Avoid Inflammation & Redness

5 – Prevent The Early Onset Of Wrinkles & Fine Lines 

6 – Avoid Blotchy Skin & Hyperpigmentation 

Image Credit – Becky Fantham, Unsplash

What SPF Is Best For Everyday Use? 

When finding the perfect sunscreen, look for the phrase “broad spectrum.” This description signals that the formula protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Next, check the sun protection factor (SPF) number that rates the sunscreen’s effectiveness in blocking UV rays. For your best defense, select a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15. 

How To Apply An SPF Moisturizer

  1. Treat skin first by applying a layer of serum or concentrate, for best results
  2. Dispense a pea-sized amount of moisturizer on to hands
  3. Rub hands to warm up moisturizer
  4. Apply onto high points of the face first – forehead, nose, cheeks
  5. Work moisturizer into rest of the face. Apply to larger areas last – neck and chest, if needed
  6. Add more gradually if coverage is not enough


Maim image – Sam Moqadam, Unsplash.

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