What To Eat and Drink When You’ve Slept Less

Sleep is extremely important for many things. From healthy digestion to improved mental health and maintaining body weight to a healthy heart, sleep impacts many elements of our bodies and minds. 

If you end up having a sleepless night or very little sleep, you’ll most likely be looking for that much-needed caffeine boost. But drinking coffee can end up backfiring as it leaves you feeling worse than before. Instead, health experts recommend focusing on the one thing that is often neglected; your diet!

That’s right! If you find yourself feeling grouchy due to a lack of sleep, it may be time to switch the caffeine for a wholesome diet. Fortunately, certain foods can keep you going if you do end up becoming a victim of a bad night’s sleep. 


One of the most underrated foods, eggs are a great option if you’re looking to stay energised throughout the day. High in protein and versatile in how they can be made, eggs are also high in Vitamin B12 and fat, both of which will give you the required daily energy and keep your sugar levels steady. What’s more, as they’re easy to make, it makes sense just to have a boiled egg or two the next time you wake up feeling groggy.

Dark Chocolate

Believe it or not, dark chocolate is a very healthy option for those looking for an energy boost. Dark chocolate has a certain chemical called theobromine which is known to make you feel better and give you a caffeine-like boost when consumed. Eating a sensible amount can also get rid of any sugar cravings you may have, which you will have if you sleep less. Eat it by itself, add it as part of your smoothie or use it to bake something – the options are endless!

Chia Seeds

Nuts and seeds are generally awesome options if you’ve slept less and you’re looking for an energy boost. With a healthy balance of fats and proteins, these little things can keep your hunger at bay and give you energy all at the same time. Chia seeds come highly recommended as they are perfect for those looking to maintain healthy energy levels. They’re high in magnesium which will get rid of fatigue and any stress you may be experiencing. What’s more, any water you drink throughout the day will be retained very well by the chia seeds in your body, resulting in fewer headaches and more productivity. 


This one may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised how less of it we actually drink when we’ve experienced a sleepless night. I get it! Our natural tendency is to resort to a cup of coffee or tea. But let me tell you, drinking water is far more important than coffee, tea or even juice as it is the only reliable option to keep you away from the side effects of dehydration. What’s more, drinking plenty of water will positively impact your skin and brain and leave you feeling satisfied for the day ahead. 

Green Tea

I think it’s quite clear that coffee is probably not the best option when you’ve had a sleepless night or very less sleep. Aside from the above foods, it’s also recommended that you drink green tea instead of coffee or tea. Why? Well, for starters, it does contain caffeine, but in a rather natural manner. What’s more, green tea is known to make you feel calm and help you concentrate, whilst the antioxidants in the tea will reduce any inflammation and oxidation that arises from a lack of sleep. 

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