How Yoga Can Boost Your Mental Health

Yoga is the perfect form of exercise for those looking to improve their breathing, meditation and physical health. Known to improve mental health and reduce anxiety, yoga is fast becoming a popular choice for many looking to find the perfect balance for a healthy mind and body.

According to research done by Harvard University, yoga is known to help the brain cells develop new connections which result in improved cognitive skills, such as learning and memory.

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The most common type of yoga practised in the West is known as hatha yoga. With slower movements and a strong focus on mindfulness, hatha yoga helps with breathing and balance. The connection between the two is integral for those looking to experience a more holistic form of yoga. Hatha yoga has been, for that reason, the most common choice of yoga for hundreds of years.

But it’s not just about mindfulness, breathing and balance with hatha yoga. Research tells us that it also helps with reducing symptoms of stress and depression as well as helping with the flexibility of the joints and muscles. In fact, after testing the effects of regular yoga on a large group of women, researchers found that it was so effective in reducing depression, stress and anxiety that it was classed as complementary medicine.

Vinyasa yoga on the other hand focuses on flow, slightly raising one’s heart rate. With a strong focus on inhaling and exhaling, the flow and movement help distribute energy around the body proportionately. With many finding it physically challenging, it has been simultaneously known to promote relaxation. The benefits of Vinyasa yoga are many. From building muscle strength to developing stability and lowering stress to reducing anxiety, Vinyasa yoga has also helped many to quit smoking. The powerful combination of a cardio workout combined with breathing exercises has made this type of yoga a popular choice for those looking to lose weight and boost their mental health.

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There are many different types of exercises out there with all of them boosting one’s mental health in one way or another. Exercise in general helps with producing natural pain relieving chemicals known as endorphins which lowers stress levels and leaves one feeling great. Buy yoga goes the extra mile as it positively impacts certain brain chemicals and calms the limbic system i.e. your emotions. By practising yoga, the body not only benefits physically but mentally also, as the emotional reactions develop to respond more proactively and consciously.

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