Magical and positively breathtaking – the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most spectacular sights. The great swathes of yellow, green, red, blue and violet can provide as much light as the moon at its brightest.
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A fine eatery in Designerland

Bicester Village is a small township of approximately 160 single-storey luxury boutiques of world-famous brands and is about a 45-minute direct train journey from London’s Marylebone station.
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Romantic Castles for hire

Romantic and impressive; castles dominate the UK landscape. With flags fluttering from turrets, these are buildings that are steeped in history; of battles won and lost, fairy tales and ghosts; and you no longer need to be a prince or princess to stay there.
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Tea makes the world go round – and stopping for a cup of tea is popular in countries worldwide

The UK has been a big tea drinking nation since the seventeenth century.  At one point, the cost of tea was so expensive that ladies used to lock it up…

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