Five Skin Care Tips For This Winter

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We might all love this cold and snowy season thanks to the long holidays and cosy evenings with the family, but the cold weather can leave our skin dehydrated and lips chapped. To help you maintain your skin care, below we’ve listed five ways to protect yourself this winter:

Eat Well

You might be thinking that only skincare products will do the job this winter. Well, think again. What you eat deeply affects your skin which is why fruits such as berries and grapes can leave your skin feeling healthier and softer.  Avoid sugary foods and loads of caffeine and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as oily fish and nuts. By eating these foods, you’ll be providing your skin with the nutrients it requires. 

Look After Your Skin

Whatever it is you do to maintain good skincare, be sure to stay on top of it this winter. The cold weather can leave your skin feeling tough and your lips feeling chapped. Use a moisturiser every day and ensure that you apply it thoroughly on your face. Whatever you do as part of your skincare routine, ensure that it’s simple, easy to follow and consistent. 

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Bedtime Routine

Although you’ll be all snuggled up in bed, it remains vital to take care of your skin. Being idle for so many hours can affect our skin which makes it even more important to maintain it right before bed. Cleanse your skin right before bed using warm water and be sure to moisturise it for at least 30 seconds using an antioxidant-rich lotion. 

Stay Hydrated

It’s official! There’s nothing better for your skin than water. Not only does it hydrate your skin, but it also keeps it moisturised. You can of course include water-rich fruits in your diet, although water itself is the best choice. With drier air throughout the winter, water can fast evaporate from our bodies, which is why drinking enough water is key. It helps in getting rid of dryness and maintains your skin better than some moisturisers. 

Care For Your Hair

Skincare is not the only important part of maintaining good health throughout the winter. Haircare has fast become a matter of significant concern over recent years, as many have been complaining about frizzy hair. Wash your hair less often and ensure that you wear a hat when outdoors. Never used oil on your hair before? Well, make it a first this winter as oil can helps regenerate your hair and adds a fresh shine. 

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