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Get Through Hay Fever With These Simple Steps

It’s that time of year again when millions of us are itching our eyes, wiping our runny noses and constantly sneezing! For those of us that have experienced hay fever, we can safely say that it really does ruin the prospect of enjoying the summer season.  Fortunately, hay fever can be managed easily if you […]


Islamic History and Heritage in Malta

Despite being a small archipelago, Malta sure does pack a punch when it comes to impressing visitors. It’s one of the smallest countries in the world, yet visitors will find so much to do here. From stunning scenery to pristine beaches and UNESCO World Heritage sites to its Islamic heritage, Malta is ready to surprise […]


British Muslim Magazine

Welcome to British Muslim Magazine, Britain’s leading Muslim lifestyle magazine offering inspiration, advice, shopping, food and halal travel advice to British Muslim audiences and international travellers. BMM is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to know more about our nation’s rich history and traditions.