Benefits of Sending Peace and Blessings Upon The Prophet ﷺ

A Sunnah that is precariously slipping away from us is the simple yet highly virtuous act of sending peace and blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ. To revive our love for the Prophet ﷺ in the blessed days of Ramadhan and on this blessed day of Jumuah, below we list five benefits of sending peace and blessings upon our beloved Prophet ﷺ. 

Acknowledging The Command of Allah

The act of sending peace and blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ in Islam has been given high priority, to the point that Allah mentions in the Qur’an, “Indeed, Allah and His Angels send blessing upon the Prophet. O you who have believed, ask [Allah to send] blessing upon him and peace.” [Quran 33:56] By sending peace and blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ, it allows us to fulfil another command of Allah and follow the prescriptions of the Quran. 

Being Close To The Prophet  

One of the greatest benefits of sending peace and blessings upon the Prophet ﷺ is that through this action we will be united with the Prophet ﷺ when it matters most. In one hadith, the Prophet ﷺ mentioned, “The closest of people to me on the Day of Judgement will be those who send the most salāh upon me.” (Jami’ Tirmidhi)

Blessings and Forgiveness

Sending salawat upon the Prophet ﷺ is not only something that impacts the Prophet ﷺ, but it also returns as a favour upon the one sending it. In one hadith, the Prophet ﷺ mentioned, “Whoever sends salāh upon me once, Allah will send salāh upon him tenfold, erase ten sins from him, and will raise him ten degrees in status.” (Sunan Nasai)

Intercession on the Day of Judgement

Every one of us will be in dire need of the Prophet’s ﷺ intercession on the day when we may be short of good deeds. Sending salawat upon the Prophet ﷺ is a surefire way of ensuring that the Prophet ﷺ intercedes for us as he mentioned, “Whoever sends blessings upon Muhammad by saying, ‘O Allah, grant him the seat near You on the Day of Resurrection,’ then my intercession is ensured for him.” (Musnad Ahmad)

Peace and Blessings Presented To The Prophet

Whilst we may be sending peace and blessings from every far-flung corner of the earth, the Prophet ﷺ is receiving every single one of them. In one narration, he mentions, “Increase your supplications for blessings upon me on Friday, for no one blesses me on Friday but that his supplication is presented to me.” (Shu’ab al-Iman)

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