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The new year is the right time to start making changes and adopt new habits. From eating well to more exercise, starting the year off with the right attitude can go a long way. As part of the changes you make, a big part of that should be the changes you make to the way you start off your day. What you start off with in the morning typically sets the mood for the rest of the day. That is why it’s worth exploring how you can develop a morning routine that will keep you going for the rest of the day. 

From being more productive to managing stress effectively, incorporating the below habits will set you up for success throughout the day. 

Sleep Well The Night Before 

Whilst many of us focus on things like diet and exercise for optimum health, we often neglect the simple practice of good sleep. If you’re looking to maintain good heath for the long-term, be sure to get a good night’s sleep. This means preparing for bed, switching off smartphones, eating well before you get into bed and ensuring that you get at least 6-7 hours every night. Whilst this may not be a morning practice, it sure does set the tone for your morning. This is why a good night’s sleep is considered the most important factor when it comes to adopting successful morning routines. 

Do Some Exercise in The Morning 

The truth is, any form of exercise is effective in the morning. From yoga to running and weights to pilates, movement in the morning helps keep you energised throughout the day. By moving your body consciously, you naturally increase energy levels. Movement will also prompt you to drink water which is also hugely important first thing in the morning. Leave behind your caffeinated drinks and get some water down your system whilst you activate your body for the day. 

Practice Mindfulness in The Morning

This may sound like a mammoth task for many of us, yet nothing has ever been simpler than practising mindfulness. Take five minutes in the morning to ground yourself and control your emotions, as this can help you manage your emotions throughout the day. Take five or ten minutes to reflect deeply about what you plan to do throughout the day. Clear your mind from any unwanted thoughts and always remember that the thoughts in your mind do not define you. Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and breathe slowly as you inhale and exhale. Keep focusing on the breath as you focus on the day’s tasks and then open your eyes before you do a quick stretch with your arms. It’s as simple as that! 

Be Sure To Eat a Wholesome Breakfast

Despite what people say, never skip breakfast! If you want to be functioning well throughout the day, your body will need some good food before you embark on the day’s adventure. Even if you’re not hungry, its important to eat something small so that your body fully activates. Be sure to include protein, carbs and whole grains as these foods will provide you with the energy you need and keep you going till lunch time. What you eat – or don’t eat – can seriously impact your concentration levels and will seriously impact your productivity levels. So, load up on those fruits, oats, vegetables and proteins before you start your day! 

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Adopt The Practice of Gratitude 

There’s no one way to do this. The art of being grateful can be done in multiple ways, with the easiest being whilst you’re still in bed. Before you rise up for the day, take a moment to list ten to twenty things you’re grateful for (trust me, you’ll think of more). The point is, starting your day by being grateful for what you have sets you up with a positive and can-do attitude. Expressing gratitude for what you have in the morning can make you happier, relax your mind and reduce any stress that you may be experiencing. All you have to do is list ten to twenty things you’re grateful for just before you get out of bed. 

Main Image Credit: Federico Respini (Unsplash)

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