Countries That Have Lifted All Travel Restrictions

Checking COVID travel requirements prior to booking a holiday seems like a never-ending part of the planning process! Do I need to be vaccinated? What if I’m already vaccinated; do I need a test or booster? These are the questions being discussed and running through our minds, which is still the case for many of us today.

However, we can partially stop asking these questions as several countries around the world have lifted all their COVID-related travel requirements.  Although the list is being updated on a daily basis, these countries currently have no covid-related travel requirements.


Tomb KV9 in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings for Pharaohs Ramesses V and VI
Image Credit – Dmitrii Zhodzishskii

Although Egypt required either proof of vaccination or negative PCR to enter, as of now, they are no longer asking for any COVID-related entry requirements.


Parga and Panagia Island Greece – Image Credit -Calin Stan, Unsplash

Greece initially started off asking for either proof of vaccination or negative PCR as well as the requirement to complete a Passenger Locator Form. However, things have now changed and the country has dropped all these requirements.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany – Image Roman Kraft, Unsplash

Since 11 June 2022, travellers arriving in Germany are no longer required to present anything COVID-related.


Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki Finland – Image Credit: Tapio Haaja, Unsplash

The same goes for Finland. Travellers are no longer required to present anything COVID-related as of 1st July 2022.


Budapest, Hungary – Image credit: Henrique Ferreira, Unsplash

Hungary was one of the quickest to drop requirements. As of 7 March 2022, visitors are not required to present proof of vaccination or any negative tests.


Sydney Australia by Jamie Davies, Unsplash

Australia has been one of the strictest countries when it came to COVID-related entry requirements. However, as of 6 July 2022, visitors to the country down under are no longer required to present a pre-departure test or prove that they have been vaccinated. What’s more, there’s no need to fill out a Digital Passenger Declaration.


Nyhavn, København K, Denmark by Sean Kuriyan, Unsplash

Regardless of vaccination status, Denmark is longer asking for any COVID-related entry requirements to visit.


Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia by Datingjungle, Unsplash

For those looking to visit Croatia, there is no need to prove vaccination or present a negative test. What’s more, the passenger locator form requirement has also been scrapped.

Czech Republic

Prague, Czechia by William Zhang, Unsplash

Those coming from other countries no longer need to worry about any COVID-related entry requirements. As of 9 April 2022, all such requirements have been lift

Main Image – Geio Tischler, Unsplash

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