‘Immune-boosting ice cubes’ to help boost metabolism during Ramadan

Sam Ahmed, 45, along with Rassam Musleh, 42 have created a unique mix to help boost metabolism on a daily basis. During the Covid 19 pandemic, a parallel growing interest arose concerning potential dietary and lifestyle changes and remedies that may boost immunity against any infection.

Furthermore, as Ramadan has coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing debate has arisen concerning the impact of fasting during Ramadan and the implications associated with one’s diet and lifestyle on the body’s immunity as the Omicron variant continues to cause havoc.

Bearing this in mind, two Muslim entrepreneurs have founded a new ice cube mixture they say will help boost people’s immunity during Ramadan and affect the various aspects related to the body’s immunity against microbial infections.

When the pandemic hit, Sam and Rassam said they ‘wanted to help fight Covid-19’ and boost everyone’s immune systems.

One bottle contains 30 servings of ice cubes at 10 ml each. When customers receive a bottle of 7 Immune they are asked to pour the contents into ice cube trays. Once frozen they can be taken daily.

Sam said: “The research and development for this product alongside countless hours of laboratory testing ensured we put together the most powerful natural ingredients and vital nutrients to create ‘7 Immune’ and help strengthen our immune system.

“It is envisaged that by taking these cubes during Suhoor and at Iftaar during Ramadan, it is envisaged they will impact immunity positively by decreasing different related elements, including oxidative stress and inflammation whilst increasing one’s metabolism.

“It is also envisaged that the cubes will aid with the likes of water intake and hydration status whilst also helping those who are inclined to suffer from sleep deprivation.”

Rassam said: “During several trials, participants have attributed the benefits of taking 7 Immune cubes to have a spiritual and fulfilling Ramadan.

“We formulated this ice cube with several vital natural ingredients and by allowing the ice cubes to dissolve on the tongue they are absorbed and enter the bloodstream much more effectively, thus giving the best results.”

Sam insists keeping your immune system healthy year-round, not just during Ramadan, is key to preventing infection and disease and believes the fact that 7 Immune is also ideal for those who class themselves as vegetarians and vegans.

“With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are understandably concerned with the health of their immune systems,” added Sam.

“At 7 immune we share the public’s concerns, we saw the need for an immune-boosting product that anyone can use, even if they are fasting, vegan, vegetarian, or on specialized diets such as or gluten-free.”

Sam added: “The 7 include nature’s most powerful roots – some rarely found in western diets -alongside fruits Valencia orange, soursop, and pineapple core.

“Something that is usually thrown away by consumers, the core, contains the purest form of vitamin B12. Other ingredients are organic roots Ginger, Ginseng, Arrowroot, and Turmeric. Our roots don’t see the light of day meaning they retain all their nutritional power throughout the process.

“These ingredients have been proven to protect our vital organs, delivering nutrients rarely found in our daily diets.
“Unfortunately, due to Brexit global shipping prices have risen, to counteract these inflated prices and keep shipping costs lower for our customers worldwide, I am pleased to announce that 7 immune will be expanding and establishing a base in Turkey due to high demand.”

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