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Gymshark Reveals First Ever 3D Modest Billboard Featuring Leana Deeb

It’s quite common to see anything other than modest clothing when it comes to big and bold adverts about sportswear and fitness. But for Gymshark, this narrative is about to be challenged!  For the first time ever, Gymshark has launched a modest billboard after collaborating with influencer and fitness enthusiast, Leana Deeb. With a whopping […]


New York City Allows Mosques To Broadcast Adhan

In groundbreaking news, New York City has allowed mosques to broadcast the Adhan (call to prayer) on Fridays.  Mayor Eric Adams made a faith-related announcement earlier this week in which he said, “For too long, there has been a feeling that our communities were not allowed to amplify their calls to prayer.”  He went on […]


Call To Be Vigilant As Cybercriminals Exploit Suffering in Türkiye & Syria Earthquake 

In a time when the world comes together to help the victims of the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes, fraudsters and cybercriminals also wake up and begin their scams. Despite thousands of people dying and many left under the rubble and debris, these online scammers will do whatever it takes to exploit the generosity of donors […]


World Cup 2022: Football Fans Convert To Islam in Qatar

world cup

Numerous videos are surfacing on social media showing football fans taking their Shahada in Qatar. Whilst these new Muslims made their way to the country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it seems that various factors influenced them into making such a decision.  According to several tweets, more than 500 people have converted to Islam. […]


The Government Drops Plans To Provide An Official Definition of Islamophobia


With promises made over three years ago, the government has officially dropped work on a definition of Islamophobia. Over the years, many have found that the government’s reaction to such a concern has been deeply worrying, despite the rise in hate crimes against Muslims in England and Wales.  For many years, Labour MP Afzal Khan […]


Rishi Sunak To Become Next Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak is set to become the next PM of Great Britain. Aged only 42, he will be recorded as the youngest PM in more than two centuries and will be the first British Prime Minister of colour. After being crowned as the new Tory Leader, he spoke about “stability” and “unity” in his first […]


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