Iced tea with rose syrup

For the past few years I have grown to love Iced tea and recently I was introduced to this yummy mix of rose syrup which is a huge hit every Ramadan.

Image Credit – Jennifer Pallian

There’s nothing more that says summer and Ramadan to me then Iced tea!  This is a thirst quencher and will provide you with the perfect fuel for all those lazy summer afternoons ahead of us. 

Rose Syrup Iced Tea for 1 

2 rooibos tea bags 

1 cup of boiling water 

1 tbsp sugar 

1/2 lemon  

4 tbsp rose syrup  

1 cup of iced water 

  1. Place tea bags into your cup. Pour boiling water over your tea bags and stir in sugar until dissolved. 
  1. Microwave you ½ lemon for about 30 seconds, to release the juices, then scope out the pips and squeeze the juice into the cup of tea. Allow the lemon to steep for 5 minutes.  
  1. Remove teabags and the ½ lemon, scraping out the flesh and adding it to the tea. You may choose to keep your tea pulp free, in which case just omit the last step. 
  1. Add rose syrup to the tea, stirring the combine, and then fill your cup with cold water. Chill before sipping. 

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