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Quarantine and the way forward

Well hasn’t it just been hectic hey? We have been transformed into homebased people who once had an outdoor life!

The good news is that we can continue to be relaxed and do those changes in our homes, you know, the ones we have been planning for ages.

However anxiety does kick in and then we are looking for ways to fight it. As the day changes from day to night and night to day, we are progressing into the known from the unknown. So what worked before works now and what didn’t doesn’t. The queuing culture has one benefit which is we are buying more than we were ever before. Things that perhaps we think we can use to bring a change in the house or perhaps the garden or for entertainment.

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We have to keep minds busy and reading is something that is another way of becoming more independent during this time. Whether it be reading the news or reading the holy books or watching you tubes which are so varied that you possibly can-not get bored. So if you have a family your biggest challenge is how to keep the children busy and this is not a impossible task. Schools may be off but its not forever. This is a great time to spend and do family things like cooking, learning, listing things to do, gardening. No time remains the same so activities that you do are limited.

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Therefore, it is important to do those which will come in use in the future as well as one off activities. Many schools have a home-schooling portal which they send work on for kids to complete weekly. This is as important as free time. Children should definitely be engaged in activities which benefit their skills. You could set up home projects yourselves for children to understand the world better and through the activities you plan. The key is to be open and set challenges.

Patience is key

Patience is something we all need to have especially with outdoor culture changing and restricting. By planning activities in advance can help make the activities easier and manageable. Don’t think your, doing less in your daily lives this is never the case, always look on the bright side, you can do it and you will do it.

Image: Visit Cumbria

By Maz Ali

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