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Five of The Most Safest Countries To Travel To

Travelling needn’t be difficult, especially in a world of technology and guidebooks. Whilst some travellers get a kick out of travelling to high-risk areas, the vast majority of us simply want a safe and stress-free holiday; especially if we’re solo travellers. 

With recent events such as the pandemic and the Ukraine war, it’s worth knowing how safe a country is before travelling. For many of us, travelling is about unwinding and switching off, so naturally, we’re wanting to avoid problematic locations. 

So, if you’re looking for some ideas for your next adventure, here’s a list of five of the safest countries to travel to right now.

Reykjavik, Iceland – Image Credit: Einar H. Reynis (Unsplash)


Did you know that this small island country has been ranked as the safest country in the world? What’s more, since 2008, it has been classed as the most peaceful place in the world and the third happiest country in the world. Its capital, Reykjavik, attracts a range of travellers thanks to its mountainous surroundings and whale-watching activities. With splendid landscapes and many natural wonders, Iceland is replete with solo travellers. 

Fujiyoshida, Japan – Image Credit: David Edelstein (Unsplash)


Of all the Far Eastern countries, Japan has been voted as the safest country to travel to in the region. With contrasting landscapes such as breathtaking gardens and super-modern cities, visitors will never get bored of this remarkable country. Whilst it may be densely populated, it has a surprisingly low crime rate, making it perfect for solo travellers. Japan awaits you with its mountainous surroundings, spectacular coastline and mouthwatering cuisine. 

Toronto, Canada – Image Credit: James Thomas (Unsplash)


Canada is any traveller’s paradise as it caters for the most intrepid of travellers as well as those looking for a wildlife experience. What’s more, with its ever-growing cities and urban life, it’s perfect for those seeking a city break. However, the best part about the country has to be the people. From Arctic Indigenous people to the thriving Asian community, Canada has been ranked as one of the most multicultural places on earth. 

Queenstown, New Zealand – Image Credit: Ömer Faruk Bekdemir (Unsplash)

New Zealand

Whilst it may take over a day to reach this small island country, the effort pays off once you lay your eyes on the rolling green hills and turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. With friendly locals, breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches, the country has also been ranked as the least corrupt. Whilst it may be close to Australia, it does not have as many dangerous creepy crawlies thanks to its remote location. If you’re a fan of mountains, glaciers, the countryside, and extreme sports, New Zealand is the place for you. 

Nyhavn, København, Denmark – Image Credit: Nick Karvounis (Unsplash)


Denmark was part of five other countries that topped the list of safest countries in 2021. And just like Iceland, the people of Denmark are known to be some of the happiest in the world. With cycle-friendly routes, cultural heritage sites, and many protected national parks, it’s easy to see why tourists keep returning. Whilst all cities in this Nordic country are safe to visit, we recommend Copenhagen as it’s been ranked as the world’s safest city for many years now.

Main Image Credit: Casey Horner (Unsplash)

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