Five Ways To Get Through Airport Security Faster

Airport security can be one of the most daunting experiences for many travellers. What’s more, the current climate in airports has left many of us struggling to make it on time for our flights, with a large part of the problem being airport security mishaps and delays. Whilst airports can be blamed for this, there are certain things that we as travellers can do to speed up the process. Below we’ve outlined five basic tips to ensure you get through airport security that little bit quicker:

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Keep Toiletries and Electronics Close By

This is something that will make life a lot easier if done beforehand. It may be a simple tip, but forgetting to do it causes a lot of us stress at the airport. As you’ll have to take out your toiletries and any electronics at security, having them within close reach will make the process easier. It’s recommended to have them in your backpack or right at the top of your hand luggage. 

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Wear Comfortable and Easy to Remove Clothing 

Comfortable clothing makes the experience of travelling a lot more pleasant. With airport experiences consisting of a lot of standing and sitting for long periods of time, it’s vital to dress comfortably. What’s more, ensure that you can take off items such as hats, shoes and jackets easily as you’ll have to do so at the airport security desks. Lastly, to avoid being stopped unnecessarily when you go through the metal detectors, try to wear clothing that does not have any metal such as metal buttons or zips. 

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Ensure That All Liquids Go in a Clear Bag

We all end up slipping here! When your bags go through the scanning process and any form of liquid is identified, you will be stopped. If the liquid item is deep within your luggage, that means the security officer will go through your bag to find it and leave you to tidy up. Just make sure that any liquid item is sealed away properly in a clear resealable bag before you reach airport security checks. 

Don’t Take Any Water Through Security

Yes, you can take bottles through with you but they have to be empty. The only other way you can take liquids with you when you’re travelling is if you check your items in to be put away in the luggage area at the bottom of the plane. However, when you’re going through security, just make sure that your water or drink bottles are empty. After security, you can always fill up using the water fountains or buy a drink from the many shops.

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Luggage, Image Credit, Ian Keefe, UnSplash

Separate Your Items Into Multiple Trays

You’ll be reprimanded by security officers if you do not do this. Get it right the first time around and make the process faster and more efficient for you. Put your carry-on luggage in one tray, your coat, smartphone and wallet in another and your bigger devices and toiletries in another. This makes it easier for the staff at the airport to scan your luggage and simplifies things for you when you go to pick up your luggage at the other end. 

Main Image – Erik Odiin, Unsplash

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