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Five Things To Do At Home This Ramadhan

This Easter period will see many of us at home. Whether we’re working from home, taking days off from work or enjoying our holidays from school, we’ll all be spending more time at home.

We’re about ten days in and most of us are looking for ways to maximise our potential this month. Whilst life weighs us down, sometimes we just need a nudge or a reminder of what it is that can help us go far this Ramadhan.

Here are eight things you can do at home this Ramadhan to reap the benefits of this magnificent month:

Approach The Quran

In essence, Ramadhan is the month of the Qur’an. Interestingly, the Qur’an is also referred to as Ma’dubah which basically means a ‘banquet’. You could say that in a way it is Allah’s banquet and anyone has the right to approach it. That’s why I’ve titled this part as ‘approach the Qur’an’ as opposed to ‘recite the Qur’an’. Whatever the stage you may be at with the Qur’an, attempt to read something every day even if it’s a verse a day, as the best actions to Allah are those that are little yet consistent.

Image Credit – Joel Muniz

Be CharitableThe Prophet was the most generous of all the people, and he used to become more generous in Ramadan when Gabriel met him. [Sahih Bukhari]

The Prophet ﷺ further advised us that the best charity is that which is given in Ramadhan [Sunan Tirmidhi]. When we think of charity, our minds often travel to foreign humanitarian needs. But what if I told you that helping out a needy relative or family member holds similar significance? The word Sadaqah has a broader meaning than charity and refers to all acts of kindness and generosity. Therefore, use this time to spread the love by sharing what you can with your neighbours, family and friends. Most importantly, be generous with all that you have, including your time, resources, wealth and food.

Image Credit Monika Grabkowska

Eat Well
After fasting for an entire day, the last thing our body needs is food that will cause us to bloat and become lethargic. Eating healthy is important and becomes even more important in Ramadhan. For Futoor, ensure that you drink plenty of fluids. Avoid drinks with added sugars as this can cause you to become dehydrated. Break your fast with dates and follow that with fruits and a meat or lentil soup, as this will provide the nutrients and energy your body requires. If you’re after some awesome Ramadhan recipes, be sure to visit

Image Credit – Jimmy Dean, Unsplash

Dedicate Some Time For A Get-Together
Ramadhan should be a time when we gather and bond with the family. The act of fasting puts one in a more sincere state, which can make it pleasant to sit and talk with one another. Find time to be together. Whether that’s after the Taraweeh prayers, whilst you break your fast, or early in the morning after the Fajr prayer.

Stay Calm & Be Patient
This is undoubtedly of the most crucial things to remember this month. Ramadhan is a month of patience and fasting which takes a toll on the body and can cause you to become weak and tired. Take it easy and relax. Try not to carry out too many laborious activities and take some time out to focus on yourself. Try and be patient with others in your household in this precious month. Overlook the small mistakes that others make in the house. Try to avoid backbiting, slandering, lying and all other forms of bad-mouthing others. Try and stay patient if you hear bad news or if someone starts an argument with you at home. If the latter happens, just let them know that you’re not interested as you’re fasting. Practising any of these harmful things throughout fasting can increase so try your best to avoid them all.

Main image – Ivan Andriavani, unsplash

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