5 Important lessons from Imam Hussain

It is essential to look at the story of Karbala and the lessons we can learn from Imam Hussain.

Hussain, the holy prohet’s beloved grandson, lived and exemplary life from which we can all learn and attempt to emulate.

Forbid evil and enjoin good

When Imam Hussain sacrificed his life and the lives of his family and companions for the sake of Islam, he put the Qur’an’s teachings into practice by forbidding evil and enjoining good.


Imam Hussain and his loyal followers remained calm and patient. Instead, he accepted what Allah (swt) had planned for him and remained patient till his last breath.

Salah and it’s importance

Regardless of being attacked by the Yazid Army, Hussain still prayed.


On the day of Ashura, Imam Hussain taught us the importance of forgiveness, when we forgave a member from the opposition army -even though he was the reason Imam Hussain and his family were left behind.

Submission to Allah (swt)

Despite knowing his fate from a very young age, Imam hussain always praised Allah (swt(. In dua arafat, he expressed his appreciation throughout and only asked for protection from the hellfire at the end.

There are multiple lessons we can learn from Imam Hussain’s life and the tragic story of Karbala.

Imam Hussain showed his love for Allah (swt), even in the most difficult of times.

By Fatima Akbar

Image credit – #Mhrezaa, Unsplash

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