A Reminder For Those That Feel Like They Haven’t Done Much This Ramadhan

Do you feel like you’ve whizzed through this Ramadhan? Maybe you feel like you’ve not done much. Some of us might even be feeling extremely hopeless as the last few days and nights of Ramadhan remain before we leave the auspicious month. 

With time passing by faster than it used to many years ago, it can be easy to feel despondent and downhearted as we fast approach the day of Eid. Many of us may have been busy with work, whilst, for others, it may be that the kids and family affairs just did not allow them to devote themselves. For some of us, illnesses may have taken over, which prevented us from spending time reciting the Quran or standing in prayers. Whatever the case, I’m sure many of us are feeling rather hopeless in these last few days.

If you find yourself in any of the scenarios above, I’m here to tell you that there’s good news. 

One of the most powerful reminders the Prophet PBUH gave us is when he said, “Verily, the (results of) deeds done, depend upon the last actions.” [Sahih Bukhari]

The perfect Ramadhan is not just about spending every night in worship. It’s not just about reciting the Quran all day long. It’s not even about abstaining from food and drink all day. 

Achieving Taqwa

The end result of Ramadhan is to achieve God-consciousness, also known as taqwa.

The purpose of Ramadhan is to connect with Allah in a way we’ve never done before. It’s about re-establishing a direct connection with Him, such that we resort to Him in all our affairs. If there’s one thing we should take away from this blessed month, it is to feel closer to Allah than we did before Ramadhan. 

If you feel that you’ve wasted this entire Ramadhan, know that you still have a few days and nights to do your best. It’s not about quantity but about the quality of your worship. Above and beyond anything, attempt to do what you can but with sincerity. Islam has never been about a great amount of worship, but more about the state of one’s heart as one devotes themselves.

A person could have spent the entirety of Ramadhan in a distasteful manner, yet on the 29th night he exerts himself in a manner that is most acceptable to Allah. Spend some time in these last few nights focusing on yourself by bonding with the Quran, performing two units of Tahajjud prayer in the final part of the night, and conversing with Allah asking Him to allow you to leave Ramadhan completely forgiven from all your sins and burdens. 

You may not have done much in this blessed month, yet a small moment of sincerity can transform your entire Ramadhan. 

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