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Is Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) – Halal or Haram?

Words Mubashir Qayyum  The speculative nature of cryptocurrencies has ignited flustering debate among Islamic scholars over its status of being Halal or Haram. Some Islamic states have straightaway declared it Halal and some have imposed Fatwas on the use of it. Crypto companies are seeking to sway the debate by launching instruments based on physical assets and certified as valid […]


Here’s Nine Ways To Save More Money

Words Juber Ahmed Everyone wants to save money. Here’s nine ways to get started.  1.    Set Saving Goals – Without a goal, there’ll be no motive. So, set yourself a target and work towards it.   2.    Cancel Subscriptions – Check your subscriptions and you’ll most likely find unnecessary ones. Unsubscribe promptly!   3.    Search & sell! – Buried deep amongst the clutter of […]


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