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New Luxury RAK Honey Launches in The UK 

Earlier this month, RAK Honey was launched as a brand-new product in the UK. Sourced from the remote mountain ranges of Ras Al Khaimah, this mono-floral honey has been the region’s secret for millennia.  Thanks to the rich soil and dynamic temperatures, RAK Honey is unlike any other honey you’ve tried. RAK Honey has been […]


Smashed Garlic & Herb Potatoes

The perfect dish to be the star of the show at the table. Just look at them, mouthwatering 🤤 Ingredients: • 500g Baby Potatoes  • 4tbs Olive oil • 2tbs Garlic powder  • 100g Mozarella cheese  • 50g Butter  • Handful of fresh parsley  • 1tsp of chilli flakes  • Salt and pepper to taste  • […]


Wings Inspired by the Mediterranean 

Are you ready to embark on a flavor journey that will have your taste buds dancing with delight? Look no further because we’ve got a treat that’s perfect for all you wing lovers out there. These aren’t your average chicken wings; they’re a mouthwatering medley of Mediterranean flavors that will leave you licking your fingers […]


The perfect Vermicelli Dessert by Hasina’s Homemade

Also known as Shemai or Sevian, this recipe takes me back to my childhood during Ramadan. Always served as a treat over the weekend to sweeten our palettes. This has always been a favourite in my house, use my recipe and it will be a favourite in yours too.   Ingredients  Syrup Place all the syrup […]


Ten of The Best Dishes To Try When In Azerbaijan


Whilst Azerbaijani food is most definitely one of the lesser-known cuisines in the world, it is perfect for those looking for something different. Make no mistake though; the dishes of Azerbaijan are far more popular than you think and for good reason!  Due to its strategic location, Azerbaijani food has been heavily influenced by cuisines […]


Smoky Russian to Blue Rasberry Teas, Bird & Blend have them all

After all, Britain has always been known for its love of the delicious blend. But as we soon discovered, this was no ordinary tea experience. In fact, you are actually locked in! And the tea is definitely unusual with flavours that are certainly innovative.  We were locked in for the evening at Bird & Blend’s […]


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