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This is why September is the best month to travel

If you haven’t taken a vacation yet this year (or you have but looking to take another!), we suggest booking for September. 

There are many reasons for this. From cheaper airfares to more affordably priced accommodation, September is also a month when you’ll witness fewer crowds abroad. 

Whilst September does undoubtedly mark the end of the holiday season for many people, it can be a wonderful month to travel if you can work around work/school. 

To tempt you further, we list five reasons why should get away in September.

Fewer Travel Disruptions

I’m sure most of us are aware that airport staff are constantly under pressure due to the soaring number of travellers going through airports again. With the summer period jam-packed with back-to-back flights and a long line of tired and fed-up travellers, so much can happen in airports that cause delays and cancellations. September is different though. With a good enough passenger-to-staff ratio, airports and airport staff find it much easier to handle the traffic during the quieter month of September. Though it does pick up as the October half-term holiday period approaches. 

Cheaper Prices

There’s no denying that holidays are known to be at their cheapest during September. With many people going back to school, work and university, there are fewer of us available for travelling. But if you can buck the trend, you’ll find that some holidays can cost 50% less than what you’ll find in July and August. If you do choose to travel in September, you’ll be surprised at how much airlines, hotel and tour operators drop their prices in September. 

Awesome Weather

When we say awesome weather, we’re not saying that warmer destinations will automatically be cooler. What we mean is that temperatures will have come down slightly, making it slightly more tolerable to handle the heat of certain countries. By travelling after the shoulder season, you’ll find that the summer heat has calmed down a little, allowing for more relaxed conditions when out and about. 

More Availability

If you travel in September, you’ll find that there are more flights and hotels available. You’ll also find more options and availability for things like car rental. With fewer people booking, this means that you have more variety when it comes to which airline to take and where to stay at your destination. 

Fewer Crowds

Who doesn’t like the sound of fewer crowds? The last thing you want is to arrive at a beach destination to find 100s of people taking over an exotic beach. As mentioned before, most people will be returning to their normal routine, which means that there’ll be fewer holidaymakers wherever you go. No more waiting for ages in the queue when you want to dine in a restaurant. No more waiting for ages at the airport when you’re going through security! And certainly, no more landmarks and sites packed with visitors all day long! You may even get lucky with a half-empty plane on the way to your dream destination.

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