New Masjid in Birmingham Will Be a Game Changer

The building and development of Masjids in the UK have been one of the greatest feats of British Muslims. With over 2,000 mosques in the country, the number is on the rise as the needs of the ever-growing Muslim population increases. 

Adding to the list, we have a very new development project in Birmingham, which is planned to be one of the city’s new and exciting religious landmarks. 

With a six-storey masjid, the Islamic Centre of Britain’s development will include a commercial centre, an educational centre as well as many green spaces as part of the initiatives eco projects. To revive the forgotten traditions and functionality of a mosque, the Islamic Centre of Britain hopes to create a holistic environment for the large population of Muslims in Birmingham and beyond. 

More Than Just a Mosque

The unique thing about the Islamic Centre of Britain is that it will be home to a wide range of activities beyond the traditional services a mosque usually offers. 

The mosque’s education centre will be a thriving environment offering full-time secondary and primary schooling for hundreds of students. What’s more, there will be Islamic programmes for over 500 students during the evening Madrasah classes. There will also be a nursery for the younger ones with modern nursery facilities. 

The mosque will also have a community centre which will be developed to bring people together to meet, collaborate and engage in a wide range of activities. With recreational activities and an open kitchen, the community centre aims to revive the spirit of a community in a mosque environment. 

As for eco projects, the new development will be contributing to the ecosystem with three dedicated green spaces, a roof garden, a courtyard garden a contemplation garden which has been described by the centre as the ‘crown jewel in the Islamic Centre of Britain’s green project’.

The contemplation garden will tastefully adorn the commercial and residential developments, which are also a great part of the new development. The Islamic Centre of Britain will feature luxury living with 12 two-bedroom apartments, with the aim of allowing residents to be at the heart of the centre whilst also being in an Islamic and spiritual environment. Commercial units will also be developed which will help support the local economy, create new jobs for many and help sustain the costs of the centre. 

Be Part of The Project

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ mentions in a hadith, “He who builds a mosque for Allah, Allah would build for him (a house) in Paradise like it.” [Sahih Muslim]

If you’re interested in being a part of this exciting project, you can visit the Islamic Centre of Britain’s website to find out about the ways to get involved. 

The project is indeed an exciting one which is why it requires the help of as many people as possible. Whether it’s donations, fundraising, or simply praying for the success of the mosque, the centre urges all to get involved in any way possible. 

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