The Best Andalusian Cities To Visit This Summer

No trip to Spain is complete without a visit to the historic and beautifully sunny region of Andalucia. Each location comes with its very own charm and takes visitors on a spirited trip through wonderful cobbled streets, breathtaking beaches, and magnificent structures. While Spain may be home to many modern and bustling cities and splendid countryside, Andalucia is undeniably the country’s soul!


Granada is notably known as the last Moorish capital and is located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With the view of the mountains visible from certain vantage points throughout the city, visitors flock here for the breathtaking views, mild climate, and rich history. The highlight of Granada has to be the Alhambra Palace which stands as a representation of one of the finest pieces of Islamic art. But it’s not just about the Alhambra Palace. Be sure to meander through the historic Arab quarter known as the Albaicin District where you can visit the Arab baths, sample some paella, and get awesome views of the Alhambra.

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Seville is unlike any other city in Andalucia. With a charming environment and its imposing Giralda Tower overlooking the city like a guardian, Seville is celebrated as the city of the Renaissance and is the most Italian of Spanish cities. It was originally built in the twelfth century by the chief architect, Ahmad ibn Basu who laid the foundation of the minaret himself, keeping in mind the minaret of Kutubiyyah Mosque in Marrakech. As Giralda tower no longer functions as a minaret, today it has become a bell tower for Seville’s Gothic Cathedral.

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Located at the eastern tip of the Costa del Sol, the coastal town of Nerja is located only 56km from Malaga. With the Sierra Almijara overlooking the town, visitors come here for the sandy beaches and the town’s many souvenir shops. The town is also home to the famous Nerja Caves, top-rated seafood restaurants and above all, the mild climate, making it a perfect place all year round. The town of Nerja is connected very well with Malaga with daily buses and trains as well as taxi options.

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Strategically positioned in the Guadalquivir Valley, Cordoba was once the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate and is known for its Mezquita. The Umayyad’s were exceptionally gifted people who gave their 100% to their artistic projects such as the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Strolling through the mosque, you’ll notice the intricate aesthetic effort, as well as its serene and vast interior. What’s more, the ruins of the expansive fortified palace of Medinat Zahra can be found a further 8kms from Cordoba which makes for a great day trip!

Cordoba, Image Credit, Alexandra Tran, Unsplash


This is the best place to unwind and relax after visiting the many cities, towns and villages of Andalucia. With a pleasant climate all year round, Malaga attracts tourists from around the world thanks to its wonderful beach, majestic Alcazaba and Roman theatre. The beach is also a great place to take part in water activities such as riding a jet ski, screaming on a banana boat or scuba diving to absorb the richness of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Malaga, Image Credit, Martijn Vonk, UnSplash
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