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The Billionaire Concierge takes over the luxury lifestyle management industry.

Peterborough is not the first place that comes to mind when searching for The Billionaire Concierge, but for entrepreneur Asif Rehman it couldn’t be a better choice. Within five years, he has built up a business that provides global services to the rich and famous, royalty and Hollywood film stars.

“I had been working as a Mortgage Broker in London and then returned to Peterborough where my family lives. I knew there was a niche serving a community where cost is immaterial, people want services, products, and want to be assured of total confidentiality. I decided to create a concierge company providing services for the rich and affluent. I taught myself online marketing, how to network, and how to build websites,” Asif explains.  “No one else was using the term Billionaire Concierge so I created a website, and marketed it myself. My first client came from Los Angeles, an up-and-coming director who wanted a particular type of watch. I found it, negotiated a lower price for the watch than advertised it.  He was pleased and became a member of the Billionaire Concierge Club, but commented that he didn’t like the name because he didn’t like emphasising his income.  I was about to change the name to AR Luxury Concierge when my next website enquiry was from a Princess in the UAE wanting a special type of iPhone.  I found it, got it to her within 24 hours.  Recognising that the name Billionaire Concierge was attracting a potentially good clientele, I stuck to my original name.”

Sufficient to say, it was a decision that he has never regretted.  Five years on, The Billionaire Concierge is quietly becoming the go-to organisation for the rich and famous who want travel arranged, elusive products acquired, holiday experiences, corporate events arranged, security organised, and scarce tickets to major Red Carpet events acquired at short notice. There is a special complete Lifestyle Management Service provided to some of the biggest names in the world of TV and Music, as well as an Elite Travel Experiences section giving access to high quality, bespoke travel without the hassle of having to arrange it yourself. 

“We provide our members with total privacy. We do not talk about our clients unless they mention us first; we provide services such as travel arrangements to Millie Bobby Brown and Kourtney Kardashian so that they can enjoy a holiday in privacy. If they then want to talk about it on social media and mention our name as the organisers, it is up to them.  We would never talk about clients first,” Asif says.  “We get clients because other clients have referred them to us.  I woke up one morning and Paris Hilton had started following me on Instagram. I was very surprised; I had to check it was real.  Later, working with him, I asked her in Mykonos how she came to be following me and was told that it was because friends had used the service. Word of mouth and our online presence is crucial to our success.”

This is precisely why Asif prefers Peterborough as his headquarters.  As he indicates, he doesn’t need to be based in one of the big cities.  “In London, there are thousands of concierge companies. When I put my sign up on a Peterborough Business Park, I was contacted by a local marketing company who were surprised as they hadn’t realised I was based here.   My business mainly involves clients in the US, UAE, and across the Middle East. I deal with A-Listers, Royalty, affluent families to presidential candidates. It doesn’t matter where I am based. All that matters is providing the level of service clients expect.  I have an intimate office where staff provides the level of service and loyalty I expect.”

A very private family man, Asif prefers to stay in the background. He appreciates the same anonymity that his clients seek.  Last year was particularly hard for him, due to the death of his brother.  Recovering from the blow was hard, but in keeping with his character, he organised an event in his brother’s memory with the aim of raising money for a charity that supports homeless, rough sleepers, and people across the world without access to clean water or food. He recalls, “ We decided to climb Ben Nevis.  We weren’t the most prepared. We all looked the part, apart from one who decided all he needed was a Tesco carrier bag, but the rest of us had our sticks and backpacks.  The climb was relentless. I remember feeling shattered and asking some of the people we came across how far up we were and they said we were only half a mile up.  There were times I thought I couldn’t do it, but the thought of Kasim kept me going.  Out of all the guys that were up and ready to go on Saturday morning, none were anywhere to be seen for the following three days!”

This year, they decided to tackle Snowdon – and commented ‘it was a breeze compared to Snowden!”

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