How to Find Solace in a Marriage

Words: Juber Ahmed  

It isn’t always about the lavish date nights, trips to expensive restaurants and luxury vacations. Rather it is more about the little things that bring us closer to our spouse, ultimately bringing solace to a marriage. 

Image Credit – Muhammad Murtaza Ghani

It is clear that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH did this extremely well as his saga is replete with such incidents. From understanding how his wives felt, to engaging in romantic conversations with her first thing in the morning, he demonstrated through his actions how to find solace in a marriage. 

A great listener, the Prophet PBUH was extremely alert about the emotional states of his wife. He once said to his wife, Aisha RA, “I can discern well when you are pleased with me and when you are annoyed with me. So, she replied, “How do you discern it?” Thereupon he said, “When you are pleased with me you say; “No, by the Lord of Muhammad,” and when you are annoyed with me, you say:” No, by the Lord of Ibrahim.”” She then said to him, “Oh Allah’s Messenger, by Allah, I do in fact leave your name (when I am annoyed with you).” (Muslim) 

Image Credit – Suborna Jahan

Instances such as this, allow us to get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view on the discourses the Prophet PBUH had with his wives. Husbands and wives should exert effort in understanding each other’s feelings to decipher when one is happy or sad. Not only will it help solve any differences, but it will also allow you to console one another when required.  

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