Tesco’s halal chicken ad draws racist backlash

Words: Ruby Khan

Tesco has been selling halal meat for years and the troll’s stating to boycott Tesco’s has lifted the campaign nationally so thanks guys, you’ve drawn in more attention for this wonderful advert.

This Ramadan, we may not be able to enjoy the iftar meal with our friends and family, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still tuck in to our family favourite foods – Tesco

Many trolls took to twitter to proclaim they would ‘Boycott’ the supermarket for daring to advertise halal meat, this show’s a huge racial bias against halal advertising which is terrible.

We have lots of recipes inspired by home-cooked classics for you to recreate online. You can follow them word-for-word or give the dish a twist with top tips from your family and friends. They can’t taste your delicious creation right now, but just imagine how delighted they’ll be when you show them what you’ve made over video call – just like these brothers did with their ‘Not Quite’ Aunty’s Sumac Chicken – Tesco

While it is legal to advertise and sell halal products, the backlash has raised eyebrows on one segment of society that things it shouldn’t be available in Tesco.

So many brands which offer a service in Britain are halal, Anchor Butter, Warburton’s, Selected Nandos.

Islam is the second largest religion in europe after christianity and the third largest in the US.

Many companies are moving towards the halal space as that is the future. The gains that companies can make are huge.

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