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The Four Season Foodie Experiences – Fatt Pundit

Words: Tahira Khan

Spice it up this spring!

Located in the heart of Soho, I absolutely loved the Indo- Chinese dining concept from Calcutta which melted my heart. The Chindian (Chinese – Indian) spot launched in late March 2019), so I had to rush down to try out the versatile starters, but the hero dish for me is their delicious and yummy Momos; spicy dumplings originating from Tibet with flavoursome chutneys.

Image: @fattpundit

I would describe these like an Indian Tortellini’s. There is a Momo station at the front of the restaurant which means you can get a quick bite of Indo Chinese cuisine during the lunch hour. For the main course I was brought a range of signature dishes, which were decently portioned in size; not too large.

Image: @fattpundit

These include Shredded Chilly Venison, Hakka Chilly Paneer, Lettuce Cups and Malabar Bream Curry. The Indo -Chinese experience also includes cocktails, so inspired by the fruit vendors in India, I tried the spicy Guava Chilli Sour and my friend had the refreshing Cucumber Cooler.

The Four Season Foodie Experiences – Fatt Pundit @fattpundit

My personal favourites are the goat Momo’s, the crackling battered spinach, and the Bombay Chilly prawns. The whole concept is awesome and I totally forgot I was in London: it reminded me of being in the city streets of Calcutta with upbeat, trendy and banging hot food with excellent and attentive service from the staff.


Not to forget the sizzling brownie with ice cream, bringing a sweet zest at the end; this venue has definitely made it onto my list as a city stop off.

Where do i need to go – 77 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 8TH

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