In conversation with cook Zarqa Hamid

We caught up with the lovely regular Host on Islam Channel, Zarqa Hamid who host’s in both English and Urdu and who has hosted many live shows and popular live cooking exhibitions across Europe.

Her ability to cook Middle Eastern, North African and Pakistani cuisine with the strong influence of her international fine taste, shines through with her passion for cooking.

Her love for travel and the culinary have brought her fame internationally.

A TV personality with an elegant sense of humour and the ability to captivate an audience, cooking her many signature dishes from across the world. You are all in for a treat! Let’s find out more about Zarqa Hamid.

What made you start cooking?

It’s an inherited trait; I come from a family who have a great tradition of cooking and a love for eating international cuisine.

When did you realise you were good at making ingredients work well together?

This happened when I first entered the kitchen, which was some time ago. I guess my travel experiences exposed me to great foods of the world and I wanted to integrate that with Zarqa Kitchen.

What is your favourite dish to make?
This is like asking a mother to choose a favourite child, it all depends on the occasion, the company and the diners, then one cooks according to that situation considering what would make the best dish. No dish is the best dish for every occasion.

What is your favourite Summer/ Autumn drink?
Too many to list: Naturally warm drinks for winter; qawaaa, mint tea, pink tea; and in the summer Zarqa special smoothies, including banana, mango and mint.

What is your favourite snack food?
Don’t snack, have a proper meal. Love food, love life. Golgappa chaat.

Where is your favourite place to travel to in the UK and why? Cambridge, there is good weather most the year within the UK, and it is full of history with beautiful countryside fairly close to busy London: Great escape.

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