Five Alternatives To The Maldives

Make no mistake, Maldives is undeniably one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations – and for good reason! If you’re looking for a heightened luxury experience, no one does it better than the Maldives. With white sandy beaches and cyan-blue waters, it’s no wonder why many people flock to this place to get away from it all!

However, Maldives is not the only place boasting such features. For those looking to get off the beaten track, here are five places that look similar to the Maldives and often come with a cheaper price tag.

Ksamil Albania

Unknown to many, the Ksamil Islands located along the Albanian Riviera feature some of the best beaches in Europe. Referred to as “Ionian pearl” by many, the three small islands of Ksamil are a great place to enjoy year-round sunshine on the white sandy beaches. With crystal clear waters, swimming has never been so enjoyable. Being a small Albanian village, the island has a cosy and intimate vibe which goes a long way when interacting with the locals.

red boat on body of water near brown wooden foot board
Ksamil Albania, Image Credit, Polina Rytova, Unsplash

Brač Croatia

For an unforgettable Croatian experience, leave behind Dubrovnik and Split and make your way to the beautiful Brač Island. Brač Island is the largest island in Dalmatia and is well-known for its Zlatni Rat beach and nearby Bol town. With remarkably clear water and pristine beaches, Zlatni Rat is what you’d normally see if you Google tourism in Croatia. Whilst the island was home to a thriving and hardworking community, much of them left eventually leaving the island deserted.

green trees near body of water during daytime
Brač Croatia, Image Credit, Sarah P, Unsplash

Perhentian Islands Malaysia

It may take a bit to get here, but it’s worth it when you take your first glimpse of the calm waters. With it being tedious to reach the islands, it means that those visiting will experience a lack of tourists throughout. With the staggering beauty of the still waters and glistening sandy beaches, the Perhentian Islands are also a great place to go diving or snorkelling. What’s more, with jungles nearby to the many beaches, visitors can choose to switch it up with a walk along the many hiking trails.

silhouette of palm tree near body of water during sunset
Perhentian Islands Malaysia, Image Credit, Johannes Mandle, Unsplash

Marsa Alam Egypt

If Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh is not your thing, we recommend visiting the resort town of Marsa Alam. Famous for its shimmering beaches and turquoise waters, divers, snorkelers and swimmers all call this place paradise. Heading south towards Marsa Nayzak, visitors can discover the best of Egypt’s coastline and escape the tourist trail. With two villages close by perfect for dining, shopping and conversing with locals, Marsa Alam is the ideal beach break.

people on beach during daytime
Marsa Alam Egypt, Image Credit, Youhana Nassif, Unsplash

Palawan Philippines

We kid you not, the Palawan Island is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Resembling islands you’d come across in science fiction movies, Palawan Island is Far East’s answer for those looking for an alternative to the Maldives. Every inch of the Island is remarkable and features bright blue waters, imposing stone cliffs and traditional fishing boats. Did you know that the island extends for 403 miles and is one of over 7000 islands that make up the Philippines? If you’re looking for beautiful beaches, jungle hiking trails, mouthwatering Filipino food, and friendly locals, Palawan Island is the place to be!

silhouette of trees near body of water during sunset
Palawan Philippines, Image Credit, Cauayan Island Resort, Unsplash

Main Image Credit: Cris Tagupa (Unsplash)

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