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Al-Khair Foundation backs Our Mosques Future conference

The role of mosques in the future is being examined by a series of TV broadcasts and a landmark conference with top level guest speakers.


The Our Mosques Our Future conference is being backed by influential Al-Khair Foundation which will broadcast the event on its IQRA TV channel.


The leading Muslim TV channel will provide a vital forum on how best to use mosques to promote interfaith work, charity and education.


Around 1,500 mosques are operating in Britain and they play a crucial role in shaping communities around the nation.


The Our Mosques Our Future conference, organised by the Muslim Council of Great Britain, is being held in central London, on January 20. It will feature TED-style talks, keynote speeches and interactive workshops exploring the challenges and opportunities for mosques.


“It is important that we look to our mosques as a central role in our and wider communities but we must also ask what else they and we can do,” said Imam Qasim, founder of Al-Khair Foundation.


“This event is about people coming together and sharing their thoughts and views on what is happening around them We are all a family and we hope our involvement in events like these will continue to make a difference to the Muslim community.


“This type of conference will help signpost a path for the future so that our mosques can truly achieve positive impact on communities and lead to a better, fairer, safer society.”


The conference, which will spread the debate on twitter with the hashtag #morethanaprayerspace, features ten workshops and keynote addresses from figures such as Iqbal Nasim, Mohammed Kozbar, Anita Nayyar and Kyle Gray covering subjects such as inclusion, outreach, engaging volunteers, countering Islamaphobia and handling the media.


“British Muslim communities must ask themselves questions such as if our mosques are truly providing services beyond just a prayer space and look at how the role of the mosque is changing in an increasingly challenging environment,” said a spokesperson for the conference.


The conference, which runs from 10am to 6pm at Friends House, Euston, is expecting 350 delegates and ten main speakers.


Al-Khair Foundation, which was founded in 2003 and has its HQ in Croydon, runs charitable projects in the UK and around the world tackling hunger, poverty and providing disaster relief.

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