More then 250 people have died in Grenfell Tower but whose responsible?

”Dont let them send the aid from our community to the likes of Oxfam or Red Cross, who are NOT helping us” – DJ Ayla

”There is more the 17 victims dead, have you seen the building, there were 500-600 people in there asleep” – DJ Ayla.

”Where are the victims? I have not met one single victim and i live here” – Dj Ayla.

”The community has come together to provide for who? All the people have died, no one’s releasing names of the dead and alot more then 17 people have died” – DJ Ayla.

One of the richest borough’s in Britain and the richest properties in the world.

The community is demanding a count of people who have died, it seems like the government is micromanaging the breathing. The death count is being downplayed by mainstream press and artist like Lilly Allen and DJ Ayla are left gob-smacked when press and media cut them short.

People had time to escape but the British Police were told to tell residences of Grenfell Tower to stay indoors? Passers by recorded footage of police pushing back families who were not being allowed to go in, to get their families out in time.

There are 120 flats in Grenfell tower so several hundred people live there. The fire started before 1am on the 4th floor, it spread rapidly engulfing the whole building due to the cheap cladding around the unsafe building. 200 firefighters were at the scene.

Majority of the residents of Grenfell Tower were from a majority ethnic background.

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