Muslim Dietician Nour El Zibdeh gives 8 tips on staying hydrated through Ramadan


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1.Don’t break fast with fruit juice.  it has too much sugar

2. Water is best for hydration – it dissolves nutrients and delivers energy to cells

3. Break fast with 2 glasses of water and a few dates for hydration and energy

4. Drink two glasses of water every suhoor

5. Spread your intake of water through the night – the body can’t process excess fluids: sip don’t chug 4           glasses in one go

6. Carry a bottle when out at night and prayer

7. Choose foods with higher water content

8. Stay cool – turn down the heating and remove layers

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Carry a better bottle over Ramadan.

Jerry donates 100% of profits to water projects around the world.

Enjoy and celebrate the water in your life with a jerry, and bring water to people who don’t have it.

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