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Travels in Muslim Lands: An Event With Tharik Hussain & Rebecca Lowe

Bradford has big plans to host a series of events this June for its annual Bradford Literature Festival. Many artists, poets, journalists and authors are scheduled to appear including the young and old. One such planned event is based around the hot topic of travel writing; more specifically travel writing whilst traversing the Muslim lands. […]


Winter/Spring Issue 2023


Ramadan is here!

In this issue, we explore the impact of the display of Islamic values in the FIFA World Cup 2022 –  we also catch up with Mizz Nina as she tells us about her cutting-edge Islamic app called Qalby. We explore an array of travel destinations which include Montenegro, Chicago, Mexico. For those looking for some minimoon inspiration, Morocco will leave you spellbound.


Read more about Ibn Battuta and his travels to the Maldives, along with inspiration from the life of Rumi.

If you’re looking to improve your mental and physical health this year, look no further. This issue explores the best foods & gifts  to enjoy this Ramadan and Eid.


Five of The Most Safest Countries To Travel To

Travelling needn’t be difficult, especially in a world of technology and guidebooks. Whilst some travellers get a kick out of travelling to high-risk areas, the vast majority of us simply want a safe and stress-free holiday; especially if we’re solo travellers.  With recent events such as the pandemic and the Ukraine war, it’s worth knowing […]

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An Awakening of Racial Justice – The Hajj of Malcolm X

If there was any moment in which Malcolm X was truly awakened, it was during his Hajj in 1964. During the pilgrimage, with around 725 million Muslims from around the world, Malcolm wrote several letters to various people including his wife Betty, his sister Ella, Elijah Muhammad’s son, and his loyal assistants. Thanks to his […]

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Remembering The Words of Malcolm X

Malcolm x

Born as Malcolm Little in Omaha in 1925, Malcolm X’s childhood and life as a young adult was contrastingly different to his adulthood. Moving from a foster home to reform school, he eventually ended up working as a waiter in Harlem. It was during this time that he began selling marijuana, became addicted to cocaine […]

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The Portrait of Ayuba Suleiman Diallo: A Senegalese Prince Who Influenced British History


Within the National Portrait Gallery in London hangs the alluring portrait of Ayuba Suleiman Diallo. Painted by William Hoare in 1733, it portrays the impressive stature and life of an educated African Muslim and Prince, who once resided in England and influenced its people.  Hailing from modern-day Senegal, Diallo’s narrative unfolds some interesting facts about […]


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