Five Reasons Why Muslims Should Visit Malta

With over 300 days of sunshine, it’s no wonder why Malta is on many of our bucket lists. Steeped in history and heritage and possessing some of the most breathtaking views in Europe, Malta is a popular choice for many. For Muslim travellers, it gives that little bit more.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer (or winter!) getaway, consider Malta. With Halal food, diverse landscapes, mosques and Islamic history dating back over 1000 years, Malta is truly a delightful destination.

Here are five reasons why Malta is the perfect destination for Muslim travellers.

Islamic History

Islam first arrived in Malta almost 1200 years ago in the year 870 CE, when Muhammad Ibn Hafagab, the Arab governor of Sicily, occupied the islands. But this was not a conquest. It was more of an invitation by the local Christian inhabitants who welcomed the Muslims, knowing well that they would relieve them from the ugly ways of Byzantine rule. Whilst Malta may have a strong Catholic influence today, there is no denying that it massively retains its Arab and Islamic influences, which have permeated its way through the fabric of society.


Whilst there are a number of mosques dotted around the city of Valetta, the Mariam Al-Batool Mosque has to be the highlight of the small island country. Also known as the Paola Mosque, it has a striking minaret and a beautiful dome. As it’s an entire complex, inside you’ll also find a school, a cemetery, the imam’s house and a beautiful Mediterranean garden. 

Halal Food 

Muslim visitors will be glad to know that Malta is home to quite a few halal eateries. Most of them are concentrated in and around Gzira, St Julian’s and Valetta which is the capital of Malta. A few others can also be found in St George’s Bay. We recommend trying the mouthwatering curries from the Suruchi Restaurant located in St Julian’s. If you’re in the mood for kebabs, head over to Oz Sofra Kebab where you can sample some of the best lamb adana or beef shish. For some authentic Indian cuisine, we recommend heading over to Shakinah where you can try vindaloo, lamb korma and beef madras. 


Thanks to the diverse landscapes of Malta, Muslim visitors will find beaches that are rocky, sandy, and dramatic. As there are quite a few underwater formations, snorkelling is a great option. For a quieter and more private beach, head over to Fomm ir-Riħ. Whilst it may b pretty remote and difficult to get there, it’s worth the effort. To access this beach, head over to the small town of Baħrija and take the steep path down to the beach. If you’re not up for that, you can also take a boat. 

Diverse Landscapes

Malta is a remarkable place. From sandy beaches to picturesque villages and rugged cliffs to the impressive architecture of the old town, Malta surprises its visitors with its diverse landscapes. You can also choose to visit the other islands in the Maltese archipelago such as Gozo, Comino, and Filfla. Each island possesses its very own charm, making Malta a perfect destination for those looking for a wide range of environments and landscapes. 

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