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Invite Only Amber could be KayAli’s Best fragrance

Invite Only Amber Could Be KAYALI’s Best Fragrance To Date and here’s why…

Celebrating her 3rd year with KayAli, Mona is back with a ‘Sexy Sexy Sexy’ scent which is disrupting the market.

The sensual notes of amber, black cherry, tobacco and vanilla found in this new Eau de Parfum is both bold and feminine.

Launched for the autumn season, Invite Only Amber comes as a beautiful bottled treasure.

The entrepreneur-turned-beauty mogul unveiled her newest perfume to the UK market earlier today. The luxury scent by Mona Khattan is a combination of bold, rich notes which look sleek in a gilded bottle.

When you think about a late night date night, ‘Invite Only Amber’ should be on the top of everyone’s list.

“I have always found amber to be one of the most sexy, intense and addictive notes in fragrance. From the minute I smelled my first amber perfume, I knew that I wanted to create a scent of my own with this enticing ingredient! I find it so delicious and was so obsessed with the fact that it adds so much longevity to a perfume, and when mixed with the right gourmand notes, it is absolutely unforgettable,“ notes the thirty-six-year-old entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast.

Invite only Amber certainly gives women a feeling of empowerment and fearlessness. 

Mona recommends to create your own scent by layering. For rich and magnetic signature scents, layer the warm and irresistible accords of Invite Only Amber with the spicy notes of Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper. Alternatively, a more intense, enchanting allure, layer the Invite Only Amber with the warmth & juiciness of Déjà Vu White Flower.

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