Modanisa sees 70% increase for Ramadan and Eid 2021 sales in Britain

Modanisa has enjoyed bumper sales during this year’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, with purchases up by 70% compared to the same period last year. The easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions by the British government at the start of the month-long fast for Muslims, which allowed people to meet outdoors, was a key driver in higher UK sales for the world’s largest modest fashion e-tailer. “A return in consumer confidence” has also galvanised Modanisa’s plans to invest in Britain.

Modanisa – Refka

The Islamic holy month (13 April to 12 May 2021), where Muslims focus on devotional matters, and three-day Eid celebrations that followed (13-15 May) were reflected in purchases: Modanisa’s two best-selling product categories during the 33-day period were headscarves and hijab dresses. The three most popular buys by British shoppers were the magnetic headscarf pin set, a black prayer dress, and the Refka natural fabric floral print ruffle detail dress.

Modanisa – Refka Abaya

The ability to socialise outdoors saw Modanisa’s UK customers make a beeline for on-trend clothing, as they sought to freshen up their wardrobes for the new spring / summer season. Demand for jackets and overcoats, smart casual wear and accessories increased significantly. Three British modest fashion influencers – Zara, Shumidee and Sobrisaid – typified the excitement of a near-normal Ramadan and Eid, dressing up in their best clothes to see friends and family, and enjoy outdoor iftar meals and Eid festivities.

Modanisa – Refka Abaya

“The surge in sales this Ramadan compared to last, and the fact our British customers are moving away
from purchasing items worn mainly at home to clothing and accessories geared for the outdoors are
important indicators that, after a very difficult year, we are returning to some form of normality in retail
and wider society,” said Emin İmer, Modanisa’s Chief Strategy and Growth Officer.

Modanisa – Refke

Some of the most sought-after colours by Modanisa customers were items in sky and dark blue, nature inspired hues of green and yellow, such as khaki, emerald, and lemon, and dreamy shades of pink, from soft
powder to bold fuchsia. Floral patterns and denim also proved a big draw. Cool, vibrant accessory
statement pieces, such as colourful bags and white fashion trainers, also sold well during the holy month.

Mr İmer explained that, “A return in consumer confidence is extremely important for our future expansion
plans. Post-Brexit, the UK remains one of the modest fashion capitals of the world. Its market size and
influence on global trends makes Britain a vital hub for Modanisa.”

Modanisa – Refka SS21 Collection

“We will be opening an office in London soon, and are also investing in upcoming British modest fashion
brands to help them go global,” he continued.

Headquartered in Istanbul, is the world’s largest modest fashion platform. The online
retailer stocks in excess of 100,000 products, from everyday smart casual outfits to wedding dresses,
activewear and burkinis, bought by mainly Muslim customers in over 140 countries.

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